Whither goest thou, Remote Desktop Connection for Mac?

From the forums:

I’m attempting to connect from my Mac to a PC on my local network via Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection. When attempting to connect via Computer Name, I get an error indicating, “The Mac cannot connect because the Windows-based computer cannot be found.  Verify that you typed the correct computer name or IP address, and try connecting again.”

When I type in the local IP address, the connection works with the following message, “The server name on the certificate is incorrect.  Do you want to connect to this computer anyway?”
I’ve searched all over for solutions, but nothing has corrected my ability to connect from my Mac to a PC by using the computer name.  I’ve set the Workgroup as the same in the WINS tab in the Network Preference, however this is still the sane result.
There’s got to be a way to get the same functionality for RDC as you get within a PC.

I’ve answered something like this question in forums, mailing lists and in person multiple times. Probably time to address it here.

Remote Desktop for Mac (RDC) is a dead product. Microsoft may not have announced it but the evidence is plain. They haven’t updated RDC beyond version 2.1.1 since May 2011 (nearly two years ago) and they’ve failed to update it for two major versions of OS X (Lion and Mountain Lion).

I’ve spoken with folks within the Macintosh development group at Microsoft and asked they either announce the product is dead or announce plans for its future. They’ve kept quiet, which is a shame and very poor customer service.

My suggestion is that folks use RDC where possible and if needed turn to something like Dorian Johnson’s open source RDC alternative CoRD, which supports Mac OS X 10.5 through OS X 10.8. Its last update was July 2012 and has been solid for me since using it almost exclusively the past year. And like RDC, CoRD is free!

Note: My advice is my own and is based on publicly available information.

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1 comment to Whither goest thou, Remote Desktop Connection for Mac?

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