Warning: Issues with Yahoo and ATT IMAP accounts after upgrading to 14.2.5

Users are reporting that after upgrading to 14.2.5, their Yahoo and ATT IMAP accounts in Outlook 2011 were exhibiting odd behavior in the Inbox.

  • Some or all emails in the Inbox were deleted from Outlook and/or the server when connecting.
  • Deleting emails caused some or all Inbox messages to delete. When synchronized even deleted were returned.

I added a Yahoo IMAP account and was able to confirm that that if I deleted two Inbox messages, all messages disappeared from Outlook. In my case when synchronized all messages returned and my deleted items stayed deleted.

Yahoo and ATT do not officially support IMAP. While not officially supported they do work. Apple mail defaults to IMAP for these accounts. Outlook defaults to POP for setup, but had worked when manually setup as IMAP prior to 14.2.5 update.

Until this is fixed, I suggest users revert to Office for Mac 14.2.3 or 14.2.4 or use Apple Mail for these accounts.

Option 1: If you have a Time Machine backup, simply go back in time and replace the Microsoft Office 2011 folder in Applications with the previous version.

Option 2: Remove Microsoft Office 2001 14.2.5 and re-install Office stopping with 14.2.3 or 14.2.4. A simple remove by dragging Microsoft Office 2o11 folder to the Trash then doing a re-install should work.

  1. Download the trial (v14.2.0) and use your CD key to activate.
  2. Restart
  3. Update to 14.2.3
  4. Restart
  5. Update to 14.2.4 if you need Retina display fix.

[Added November 30, 2011] Saw this same behavior where all messages disappeared when making changes to IMAP settings for Gmail account today. Had to refresh folder list and download all messages on the server to get message back.]

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17 comments to Warning: Issues with Yahoo and ATT IMAP accounts after upgrading to 14.2.5

  • Brian

    Thanks for the tip on the Time Machine restore- I’m having similar issues with my Yahoo IMAP account, but what’s happening for me is it’s bringing in duplicate messages from about a year ago.

    I’ll try the restore from time machine, hopefully this fixes the problem. Never again will I update!

    • While some updates can cause problems, they also offer fixes. Being prepared is the best option. 1) You can zip (archive) the Microsoft Office 2011 folder in Applications before updating or 2) Restore from Time Machine .

      For your Identity having multiple types of backups is your best defense, 1) clone backup (this includes your database file), 2) Time Machine (this does not include database file and requires rebuilding), 3) exporting your data as .olm or .mbox 4) use IMAP not POP accounts, 5) export to a third party app like EagleFiler or DevonThinkPro.

    • Brian

      After all of this hassle, I’ll stick with my software that works. NEVER again will I update Microsoft products.
      I restored the Microsoft Office folder from Time Machine, my Yahoo mail account started coming online (I had deleted it yesterday), but then stopped after about 5,000 of my 20,000 messages were loaded. Hopefully it will catch up overnight. If not, I’m not sure what to do.

  • Brian

    It’s still not working correctly with Yahoo after copying old folder from Time Machine backup. Does anyone know if I can reinstall from my CD, or will the serial number be invalid, since I’ve used it once.

    • Did you restore a previous version of Office? Outlook needs to be 14.2.3 or 14.2.4. If you restored 14.2.5 that will not help.

      Your question about doing a re-install can be found in these articles. Short answer is yes.
      Office for Mac: Install, Activate and Register
      Office for Mac 2011: Remove Office

      • The backup I used took Outlook to 14.2.2.
        Outlook will download my messages from Yahoo when I open outlook, but won’t update. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the account several times but that doesn’t seem to be helping.
        Is there anything I might try with removing databases and identies?

        We are not Microsoft and this blog is not a forum. If you have comments about this post, please let us know your thoughts. If you need personal assistance with any Office for Mac product you can click the Support tab at the top to find the appropriate forum.

        • 1) Open your account under Tools in the Menu bar. Click on Advanced tab > Server. Outlook defaults to every 2 min. Yahoo might not like this setting try ever 10 or 15 min. Check use IMAP IDLE.
          Control-Click (Right-click) on your Yahoo Inbox and tell it to synchronize.

          If this fails, it could be a preference file that is stored in the database. The only way to fix this is to move to a new Identity.

          2) Create a new Identity. Enter your account and see if that works. If yes, see instructions here How to move your data to a new Identity

          If this fails, Testing in a new User will quickly tell you if the problem is system wide or if it’s your User’s folder that contains the problem.

          3) CREATE A NEW USER

          Go to System Preferences –> Create a New User in Accounts. Switch to the New User by logging out/in or use Fast User Switching.

          Open Outlook. It won’t be in the Dock in the new User. Go to Applications to open.

          Enter your Yahoo account for testing.

          Do you still see the issue?

          If yes, then the problem is with your base files.
          If no, then the problem is in your User’s folder.

          Let me know what your tests show.

  • Thanks so much, Diane, for all of the troubleshooting tips. I tried all of those, and am still having the problems, even as a new user. I have about 21,000 messages in my Yahoo Inbox, every time it syncs, it gets to about 6,000 messages loaded, and then stops.
    Also, any actions I take on messages in outlook (reading, deleting) do not sync back to Yahoo.

    I know the Inbox is big, but it worked ok before. Is there anything that might be causing that sync to stop?

    Any other ideas?

    • I should also add, when I restored my Office folder from time Machine, it kept the original files, do I need to delete those from my computer?

    • When you say original files, do you mean the Microsoft Office 2011 folder in Applications? If yes, I would delete the folder with the newer version 14.2.5.

      Can you check under Outlook > About Outlook and see which version of Outlook is running?

      21,000 messages in the Inbox could certainly be part of your problem. The Inbox for IMAP and Exchange should always be kept as small as possible. Move messages out of the Inbox to a subfolder. Otherwise Outlook has to compare every message ID to the message IDs on the server to see what needs to be downloaded.

      In addition, if you ever had to rebuild or export your data from Outlook, it would fail. Folders that are over 2GB will cause these processes to fail.

  • Thanks- I had subfolders to my Inbox (not sure how they ever got there).

    I think my Outlook has completely downloaded all of the messages, but it’s still not being responsive when I make changes to messages (read, delete). It sends ok.

    Anything else that I need to troubleshoot?

    • How many messages in your Inbox now?

      How much free space on your drive? Use Disk Utility in Applications/Utilities to see free space.

      The next step would be to put Outlook into work offline mode and test your account in Apple Mail. If you see the same issues, this would eliminate Outlook, but if the problem goes away then you might look at sticking with Mail until Outlook improves.

  • Brian

    I think I have about 75Gig of free drive space.

    I’m heading out of town for a few days, so I left Outlook running, hopefully when I come home it will all sync up.

    Thanks again for all of your troubleshooting help.

  • Brian

    Ugh- still not working- any other suggestions? Apple Mail works fine.

    Is there anyway to completely remove my Yahoo account from Outlook and then reinstall? Maybe something with the database?

  • Brian

    Seems to be working now, Under the “download headers only” I unchecked the box for “Except inbox”.
    Now everything is syncing again.!