Use Outlook with Excel add-on RDBMailMac to email Workbooks

Ron de Bruin, Office MVP-Excel has provided a Mac version, “RDBMailMac” of a popular Excel/Outlook add-on for Windows “RDBMail or SendMail add-in”. RDBMailMac puts emailing of Excel sheets, data, and workbooks where you want it and when you want it as Workbook.

Download links

Windows version:

Mac version:

Create a mail with:

  • Whole Workbook
  • Workbook Special (also exclude sheets)
  • ActiveSheet
  • ActiveSheet Special
  • Sheets (you can select them)
  • Sheets Special (you can select them)
  • Selection

RDBMailMac also allows significant customizing of what you send.

As soon as you have the workbook open in Excel you have the ability to send all or part of it either in working format or with just the values that are shown by current data and formulas. When the option in the dropdown say “Special” you have also a option to delete VBA code, delete objects or comments. Once RDBMailMac has been installed, this is all accessed by clicking on Tools > RDBMail in the menu.

  • You open the Add-in in the Tools menu by clicking on RDBMail.
  • Pick one of the options in the drop down and click on GO.
  • Enter a file name in the dialog that popup and press OK.
  • If correct an email will popup with the file attached.


  • It will do nothing with your workbooks, it works on copy.
  • It will create a Temp folder named RDBMal in your Documents folder when you open the add-in.
  • It will save the files you want to mail in this folder with the name you want, mail it and delete it.
  • You can always get the files you send out of your Sent Items in Outlook.

REQUIREMENTS:  RDBMailMac emails through Outlook for Mac 2011 . It does not work with Apple mail. There will be an Apple mail version soon. [Oct 7, 2012 Apple Mail version added. Send Mail from Excel 2011]

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