Microsoft corrects documentation for Outlook for Mac and Exchange logging

Support personnel who attempted to follow instructions for filtering Exchange logs with Outlook for Mac more than likely found the results far from useful. This was because the original instructions were incorrect. Microsoft has updated its Turn logging on or off in Outlook for Mac 2011 page with corrected information.

By default Outlook for Mac can log four type of traffic between it and Exchange when logging is enabled:

  • Mail and item synchronization
  • Autodiscover
  • Calendar
  • LDAP

When troubleshooting just one of these types of traffic a support person can adjust a preference file to filter for just that information. Four property list (plist) keys, one for each type of traffic, listed “outlook” when they should have listed “entourage” on Microsoft’s page.

Key names


outlook.calendar entourage.calendar

Microsoft originally introduced this filtering method in Microsoft Entourage, Web Services Edition. It then developed Outlook for Mac using code from Entourage but didn’t update the key names to reflect the product name change.

Note: Our Logging instructions page on reflects these corrections and includes examples for the file that uses these keys.

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