Microsoft releases Office for Mac 2011 14.2.3 Update

Microsoft has released the Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 14.2.3 Update. (110 MB) This one update includes the six prior updates 14.1.1 through 14.2.2.

According to the update’s description it addresses one new security issue and adds multiple improvements for Excel, Outlook and Word.

The security fix (MS12-051) corrects a privilege elevation vulnerability due to incorrect permissions that were set by an earlier update. More than likely the security bulletin is referring to the issue with the Microsoft Office 2011 folder in the Applications folder being left world-writable after installing the volume license version of the 14.2.0 installer. Read Office for Mac 2011 14.2.0 volume license installer leaves application folder world-writable for details.

General Office improvements include:

  • Changes for better reliability with SkyDrive
Document Connection improvements include:
  • A fix to correctly display file sizes while viewing files from SkyDrive
Excel improvements include:
  • Improved stability when dragging a PivotTable row or column
  • A fix to no longer display “#REF” when links are ignored
Outlook improvements include:
  • A fix for IMAP users who receive an “Unknown Namespace” error when attempting to create special folders such as Drafts or Sent Items.
  • A fix for IMAP users who would repeatedly receive “Cannot create mailbox” errors.
  • A fix to display missing contact details while running Microsoft Communicator or Lync.
  • A fix to display the Date portion of the attribution when replying to or forwarding messages using an Exchange 2007 email account. This issue was introduced in the 14.2.0 (SP2) update. After applying the 14.2.3 update, users will need to right-click or Control-click their Exchange account name in the Navigation pane to the left of the Main Window, select Folder Properties… and click the Empty button to delete their cache files. This will delete local copies of message and sync them again from the server.
  • A fix for a duplication issue with Gmail accounts when subscribed to the All Mail folder.
  • A fix for IMAP users who receive intermittent “Too many simultaneous connections” errors. Microsoft has added a new setting for IMAP accounts to control the polling interval. By default IMAP accounts are set to synchronize IMAP folders every two minutes.
  • A fix for a connectivity issue when connecting through a proxy server using NTLM authentication. This would primarily affect enterprise and institutional users and not home users.
Word improvements include:
  • Improvements when using Word in Full Screen View in Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

Users should quit all Office applications and web browsers prior to updating. This update should also be available via the Microsoft AutoUpdate application within one day. Select Check for Updates from the Help menu. It is also available for immediate download.

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