Resolve missing volume license when installing Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft has been able to reproduce an issue affecting volume license customers where the institution’s Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 license goes missing after updating to the Office for Mac 14.2.0 update (SP2) or the Office for Mac 14.2.1 update. This has affected both enterprise and educational institutions.

David Pelton, Release Test Lead for Microsoft’s Macintosh group, posted in both the JAMF Nation and munki forums that this can happen when installing a 14.0.0 or 14.1.0 version of the Office Installer.mpkg file followed later by either 14.2.0 or 14.2.1 without invoking the setup assistant in between.

He reports Microsoft does not have a fix for this issue, however, they do have a workaround. Volume license customers can log in to their Microsoft Volume License Service Center (VLSC) and download the latest Office for Mac 14.2.0 installer. This is a full installer not an update.

This full 14.2.0 installer does not exhibit the missing license issue when immediately followed by the 14.2.1 update.

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