Work around for command line installs of SP2 for Mac Office 2011

Work around for command line installs of SP2 for Mac Office 2011


Command line installs of Service Pack 2 for Mac Office 2011 may fail.


This is due to a problem with a script that cleans up the temporary folder used during the installation. This issue has been seen with Lion and can also occur on any Mac OS if multiple command line installs are done at the same time.


Microsoft is aware of the issue and looking to remedy it. You can work around this issue by editing the offending script to continue with your deployment of SP2.

1. Open the 14.2.0 updater DMG

2. Drag the Office 2011 14.2.0 Update.pkg to your desktop

3. CTRL-Click on the Office 2011 14.2.0 Update.pkg and choose Show Package Contents from the contextual menu

4. Navigate to the Resource folder from within the Contents folder.

5. Open the clean_path script with any text editor. You may uses TextEdit included with Mac OS

6. On the second line (a blank line) add this text: exit 0

7. Save the script and then run your installation with this modified pkg

8. We recommend that you restart after this installation to remove the temporary folder from the machine and avoid potential update problems in the future if the temporary folder still existed

The following is what lines 1 and 2 should look like in the modified clean_path script:


exit 0

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