Undocumented tip: Quickly scroll to a specific date in Outlook for Mac

View DateI’ve used Outlook for Mac since it was released in Fall 2010 and love learning new tricks for how to use it. A reader in the Microsoft Answers forums posted this undocumented Outlook tip for quickly scrolling to a specific date in the distant past or far future.

Outlook for Mac has no go-to-date feature in its calendar that lets you specify and go to a date such as “March 16, 1950”. Your only option is to use the left/right scroll arrows to scroll to the date, which can be very tedious. Go ahead and try it. Switch to Calendar view and see how long it takes for you to get to that date. We’ll wait here.

Not fun! To manually scroll to March 16, 1950, one month at a time literally takes more than 700 mouse-clicks. To scroll by week would take more than 3,000 mouse-clicks.


If you click the View Date button in the ribbon above the calendar you’ll see the current month’s calendar. Hold the Option key while clicking a left/right scroll arrow to scroll a year at a time. Hold the Command key while clicking a left/right scroll arrow to scroll a decade at a time.

This tip gets you to March 16,1950, in just nine clicks from today’s date of March 16, 2012.

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