Sale Prices for Microsoft Office for Mac- is it time to upgrade?

Before moving to Lion, you will need to upgrade Microsoft Office for Mac X and 2004. Lion will not run PowerPC applications. Both Office X and Office 2004 are PowerPC. Office X users need to consider that at sometime, you will not be able to upgrade to a newer mail client. If your computer dies and you purchase a new computer that only runs Lion, you import options will be  severely limited. See “Tips” below.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

There are no upgrade options for Office 2011.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2008

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*Prices on Amazon can vary.


Office 2011

  • Activation
  • Intel computer
  • Exchange 2007 or higher
  • Leopard or higher

Office 2008

  • Does not require activation
  • Installs on Intel and PPC computer
  • Supports Exchange 2003
  • Installs on Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard & Lion
  • See Install Office 2008 on Lion

Trial Version of Office for Mac 2011

The Trial version of Office 2011 is  available for download, but it is the full retail price. It can be upgraded with a retail CD Key where the trial for Office 2008 could not be upgraded with a retail CD Key. The trial version of Office 2008 is no longer available.

Compare Versions

Academic Version

Office Mac 2011 Academic -Single license $99. (same as Home & Business) Students must purchase their copy through qualified educational channels. more info (Can be installed on one computer only. If you get a new computer or replace drive. it cannot be installed again.)


  • Apple Mail requires Entourage to be open before it will import. If you plan on moving to Lion, you will need to convert to the current Apple Mail before upgrading to Lion.
  • Both Entourage 2008 and Outlook for Mac 2011 will import from Entourage 2004, but not from Entourage X. If your Entourage data has corruption, your import could fail. You need to be sure your data is clean before you delete your previous versions of Office.
  • Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint are the same in H&S, H&B and Academic.
  • You can run both Office 2008 and Office 2011 at the same time
  • You can run Entourage with Office 2011 Word, Excel & PowerPoint
  • When installing Office 2011 do NOT remove your previous version of Office until you are satisfied with the upgrade.
  • Create a backup of your drive on an external drive or partition BEFORE upgrading to Lion. If you need to open your old applications to recover data you can boot from the backup.

Before moving to Lion…

Mac OS X Lion System Requirements

In order to install Mac OS X 10.7 you will need:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later with the Mac App Store installed
  • At least 4GB of additional disk space to accommodate the download, but more is obviously recommended

PowerPC applications will not run in Lion. If they are Universal or Intel you need to verify that they are upgraded for Lion.

To check, use Apple System Profiler to view applications by Kind.

Use this chart to see if your Intel applications will work under Lion. App Compatibility Table – RoaringApps

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