From the Outlook forum: ‘Invite additional person to a meeting’

JosieB asks:

I want to find out how to send an meeting request to an additional person without resending the invitation to everyone.

My reply to this question and similar has always been:

When you re-open a meeting and add a new recipient you first need to click the “Send” button. You’ll be given the option to send to all attendees or only to new attendees.


Later in the same thread, however, a different user was very adamant that this was not happening and posted screen shots of the steps he was taking and his results. I can’t argue with someone who makes his case very well, so I began investigating differences.

Based on the screen shots I could tell the second poster was using the Swedish language edition of Office for Mac 2011 but that all other variables were the same. We were following the same procedure and were both updated to the latest version of Office 14.1.2. I started to respond to the poster that maybe this issue was related to our language versions. This didn’t really make sense to me but it was all I could see.

Then I spotted something else. My examples were from Exchange and the folks having problems were using either IMAP or POP. This was easy to test and this was indeed the problem. Exchange users were offered to send updates to all attendees whereas POP and IMAP users were not. As soon as they clicked the Send Update button the meeting was immediately sent to everyone including the original invitees.

Unfortunately, I can find no solution or workaround for POP and IMAP users using AppleScript or any other means. I believe they are stuck with this behavior until Microsoft changes it. As I did in the forums I’ll ask here that anyone who would like to see this behavior changed so that POP and IMAP accounts prompt with the options to Send to All or Send to Changed let Microsoft know by using the Send Feedback item under the Help menu in any Office application.

Note: This site is neither owned nor operated by Microsoft. You’re welcome to leave comments on this post but the only guarantee that Microsoft will see your feedback is through their website not ours.

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1 comment to From the Outlook forum: ‘Invite additional person to a meeting’

  • Carl Alstromer

    I have struggled for long with this problem (sending to all when updating the invitation with one person) and finally I got the answer why that happens (I’m using an POP account). So, thank you for the well explained and thorough investigation!