Updating to 10.6.7 with Office for Mac

Some users are reporting problems with Office 2011 after updating to 10.6.7. The font issue affects older versions of Office as well.

  1. Outlook 2011 users unable to reply or create new emails
  2. 10.6.7 breaks OpenType PostScript fonts

Issue 1: Even though Apple does not require you to quit your Office 2011 applications, you should quit applications before updating. I suggest that you quit all running applications by logging out under the Apple in the Menu bar, then log in with the Shift key down. This will disable all login items including the hidden ones. Instead of using the Software Updater, I suggest you go to Apple’s download page and get the 10.6.7 combo updater. Combo updates contain all incremental updates and will update files that could have become corrupted. More info

  • Outlook users are reporting they are unable to reply or create new emails. The fix is to re-install Safari.

Outlook uses Safari’s WebKit. When you install Office, a script runs that quits Safari, Firefox and Chrome. The reverse is also true when updating the OS. However, Apple doesn’t quit Office for you. For more details on why you need to quit Safari see Quit Safari to install or update Office 2011

Issue 2: Reported on Apple Discussions- 10.6.7 breaks OpenType PostScript fonts. Kurt Lang is reporting the only fix is to revert to 10.6.6.

  • Office 2008/2011 Word – when using the font in document, and Print -> PDF -> Save as pdf… (Quartz PDF) Adobe Acrobat Pro / Reader hangs when opening (Windows or OS X).Myriad Pro -family
  • Broken PDF output from Word 2011

Revert to previous version of Mac OSX

You only need to revert to 10.6.6 if you are having font issues. I expect we’ll see a fix issued by Apple soon, but in the mean time, I suggest you send Apple feedback if you are experiencing problems with fonts.

  • Use Time Machine to restore
  • Revert using a clone backup (obviously, this only works if you have a clone)
  • Install Snow Leopard over itself using DVD then update to 10.6.6
    • Insert your Snow Leopard DVD and select to install.
    • This will take you back to the version of the DVD. 10.6.0 or 10.6.x.
    • You would then need to run the 10.6.6 combo to update.

Use SuperDuper to revert

We’ve discussed using SuperDuper!(backup software) before, but this is an excellent time to remind users about a feature it has that protects you from system updates that so bad.

One of the options in SuperDuper! is to create what the author calls a “Sandbox”. It’s used to revert to pre-update state of your OS. Here’s a description of how this option works:

A Sandbox is a bootable copy of your system, stored on another hard drive or partition, that shares your personal documents and data with the original. With SuperDuper!, you actually use the Sandbox as your startup volume. You can safely install any system updates, drivers or programs in the Sandbox, without worrying about what might happen to your system. If anything goes wrong, you can simply start up from the original system. SuperDuper! has preserved it in its original, pre-disaster state but all your new and changed personal documents are totally up to date. Within minutes, you’re up and running again without having to go through a difficult and time-consuming restore process.

SuperDuper! Is $27.95. I’m not affiliated with the product. Just a satisfied user.

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