“Remove Office” is missing in Outlook 2011

“Remove Office” is an Office application used to remove Office for Mac installed files. Microsoft Office 2011 doesn’t ship with a Remove Office application as did earlier versions. Users may, however, have a need to remove Microsoft Office for troubleshooting purposes, to transfer to another computer or simply because they are moving to a different product and no longer want the product.

For help removing Office 2011

Our Remove Office article describes four options for removing Microsoft Office 2011. Most home users prefer to use the downloadable uninstaller to remove everything installed by Office 2011.

  • Manual removal
  • Scripted removal
  • Packaged uninstaller
  • Downloadable uninstaller


Does the uninstaller script remove my Identity folder?

No, the Microsoft User Data folder in Documents is not removed by the script. Your Identity that contains all your mail, contacts, events, notes & tasks are stored in your Identity named “Main Identity” by default is in the Microsoft User Data folder.

If I run this script, will it remove Office 2008 or Office 2004?

It will not remove the Microsoft Office 2004 and Microsoft Office 2008 folders in Applications, but it does remove the Microsoft Fonts folder as well as the Microsoft support folder and other shared files. Do not use this script unless you are prepared to re-install your older version. Steps to re-install Office

You can see details on using Microsoft’s “Remove Office” for the older versions of Office for Mac on the Office.mvps.org site.

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9 comments to “Remove Office” is missing in Outlook 2011

  • Hi:

    Dumb question but for various reasons I would like to remove all except the Communicator app. Is this possible?

    Thanks …

  • Thanks Diane. Decided to NOT remove Office for Mac.

  • Dan

    Can you only uninstall Outlook and leave word, excel and powerpoint? What’s the easiest and cleanest way to get rid of ONLY outllook?

    • You can but it’s not advised. It takes very little space and removing could cause future updates to fail. Just drag it to the trash along with the Office 2011 Identities folder in the Microsoft User Data folder. Don’t delete Microsoft User Data folder entirely. Other applications use it too.

      • Randy

        I want to use Outlook but the calendar is full of duplicated entries from a year ago when I tried to sync with iTunes and Outlook wasn’t ready of that task yet. What I would really like to do is delete my Outlook calendar (or at least all the entries) before trying to sync again. How do I do that? The othe option is to uninstall Outlook and re-install- would rather not do that. Help!

        • Under File > Export select to export just calendar as .olm file. In the export window select to delete after exporting. This will save all your events as .olm file and delete them from Outlook.

  • Audra

    Good morning!

    If Microsoft: Office Mac 2011 has been installed (standard install, not custom) and registered/activated, what’s the best way for the owner to remove all components not pertaining to the use of Word or Excel? The additional components that were installed include, Outlook, Powerpoint, MSN Messenger, Communicator, Document Connection, and Remote Desktop Connection. Would it be best to completely uninstall the entire Office Suite and do a custom re-installation or to just remove individual components of the Office Suite?


    • You save very little space when removing and it could lead to future updates failing. However, if you wish to remove, you need to do a re-install and do a custom install of only the applications you want.