Create a shortcut to move files in Finder

This tip isn’t specifically for Microsoft Office but it is very useful for moving files we create with Office. This tip requires Snow Leopard and uses that comes with OSX. I had trouble with the shortcut Command+Control+M conflicting so I changed mine to Command+Control+Option+M. (See screenshot below.) I also found that if you save to the root Services folder you’ll need to change permissions on the file. Saving to the User’s Library/Services works without changing permissions. Otherwise it works as described in the hint. For full details and to download the workflow visit MacOSXHints. Enjoy!

Contributed by rodneyweston to move files in the Finder on MacOSXHints. Here is a excerpt from the hint.

Many ex-Windows users are frustrated by the fact that (in a standard Snow Leopard installation), there is no way to move files/folders using only the keyboard. In Windows, this is a Ctrl+X/Ctrl+V keystroke pair. In OS X, the Command+X equivalent is not enabled in the Finder.

I have developed an easy way to get equivalent functionality for free  by creating an Automator service in OS X 10.6.

There are some shareware utilities to enable ‘Command+X’ — but for relatively minor functionality, they are big RAM hogs. Besides, I think that cutting and pasting a file is illogical and not directly connected to what the you are doing – you are really moving the file!

My Automator workflow is called ‘Move Selected Items.’ I have bound it to the keyboard shortcut of Command+Control+M.

Assign Shortcut in System Preferences

To install it and assign the keyboard shortcut:

  • Download the workflow and save it to ~/Library/Services (for the use of the current user only) or /Library/Services (for the use of all users).
  • Double click the workflow to activate it in Finder. Automator will open. When you have finished looking at the Workflow, save it and exit.
  • Open System Preferences » Keyboard » Keyboard Shortcuts Click on Services, and scroll down to ‘Files and Folders’.
  • Double click in the shortcut space to the right of the ‘Move Selected Items’ label and press Cmd+Ctrl+M (or whatever keyboard equivalent you wish to use). I used Command+Control+Option+M

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