23 comments to Exchange Autodiscover workaround for Advanced Settings

  • Mike

    What is the NameOfAccount specifically? I enter server name, email address, user name and get errors.

  • Dan Kalmick

    Does this permanently disable autodiscover? And if it doesn’t, how can I create an alias or something to run the disable command every time?


  • Tim

    I get an error message when running the AppleScript Editor. I’ve x’ed out part of the server name just in case.

    Entered into AppleScript:

    tell application “Microsoft Outlook”
    set background autodiscover of exchange account “https://xxxxxx.mail.microsoftonline.com” to false
    end tell

    Result after clicking Run:

    error “Microsoft Outlook got an error: Can’t set exchange account \”https://xxxxxx.mail.microsoftonline.com\” to false.” number -10006 from exchange account “https://xxxxxx.mail.microsoftonline.com”

    I tried it with and without https and http.

    Of course I’ve never used AppleScript before, so any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Mike

    That autodiscover URL looks right to me (at least the EWS/Exchange.asmx part)? If the autodiscover URL is incorrect, wouldn’t it make more sense to set it correctly on the Exchange servers than to turn off Autodiscover?

  • We were experiencing this issue, but I am now using a couple of Apple Scripts to manage this. They’ve been working so far.

    **To disable autodiscover**

    tell application “Microsoft Outlook”
    set background autodiscover of every Exchange account to false
    end tell

    **To enable autodiscover**

    tell application “Microsoft Outlook”
    set background autodiscover of every Exchange account to true
    end tell

    Curious to see how it works for other users. Hope this helps someone. 🙂

  • jason

    two questions

    1. Do i just run the same applescript with the above set to true to re-enable it?
    2. When i set this up does it pull all of the mail to my local hard drive. It seemed to start working and i was watching my hd space get lower. I went back into account settings and checked only download headers. Is this a correct assumption?


  • Jose Rodriguez

    Kristine’s solution worked for us.

    For every new Mac that get rolled out we simply run the Disable AutoDiscover apple script.

    It’s not a problem if AutoDicover remains disabled since clients can still access email from inside and outside our site.

  • prashantvc

    Did not worked for me 🙁

  • […] only fix at the moment is to keep changing the address manually in the settings. I’ve tried this but it doesn’t work – I’ve also tried configuring the mailbox manually from outside the […]

  • Robert B

    I ran this script and it appeared to work but i do not see any output? Can i assume that it worked? or is there way i can tell like with a log file or something like that?


    • To the best of my knowledge, this doesn’t get logged anywhere.

      If you run the script while in the AppleScript Editor then you will see a result of either “true” (enabled) or “false” (disabled). You can run this script to determine that status:

  • Cem

    Anyone can help with Apple Scripts command to setup the exchange server URL for all exchange accounts? This will be very handy before disabling the autodiscover.

  • Cem

    ok went in to Apple Script Library for Outlook 2011 and figured it out.

    **This command will set the server address for all Exchange Accounts. Its handy that use this before disabling the autodiscovery. Replace “addresstocompanymail.com” to your exchange server url/address.

    tell application “Microsoft Outlook”
    set server of every exchange account to “addresstocompanymail.com”
    end tell

  • Cem Baykara

    It will be cooler if MCX disables the autodiscovery and sets the server address. Would this be possible? I didn’t see any plist file with this info so far….

    • No, MCX only controls .plist files. These settings are not stored in .plist files.

      Please be sure to let Microsoft know you’d like to see this feature in future versions by using the Help –> Send Feedback mechanism in any Office application.

  • MikeBarr

    I have problems when creating this scrip in Lion (MacOsX 10.7.2) works Perfect with Snow Leopard (MacOsX 10.6.8)