Archive your Outlook 2011 Exchange messages using OEAO

Softhing has released Outlook Exchange Accounts Optimizer (OEAO) for Outlook 2011. Entourage users can check out Entourage Exchange Accounts Optimizer.

Exchange users that have limits on how much mail can be left on the server should check out this handy application. It’s easy to setup and automate your backups.

This utility automatically moves old mail from your Outlook Exchange account to a replicated structure within Outlook local folders. You select how many days of mail to keep in Exchange and OEAO does the rest. It can handle multiple accounts and be set to run automatically. OEAO works on Leopard and Snow Leopard with Microsoft Outlook 2011. Runs on Power PC and Mac Intel machines.

Select Exchange account(s)

Create and select destination folder

I found that when I created my OEAO Exchange Archive folder under folders “On My Computer”  it would not show up in the options if it was a subfolder of the Inbox. Make sure it’s under  “On My Computer”.

Tip: You might want to toggle off the preference to “group folders” to create your folder then toggle back.

Download free trial – Single User License $20. They offer educational and large volume discounts.

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6 comments to Archive your Outlook 2011 Exchange messages using OEAO

  • Steve

    I can’t believe how lame this “solution” is! Suggesting a paid app to do something as basic as storing email locally from the Exchange server??!! FAIL!

  • Curt

    I just switched from Outlook 2007 for Windows to Outlook 2011 for Mac. I do not use Exchange, but I used to archive messages to another PST file, for messages older than X days. (Also, I used to also move Calendar events (older than X days) and Contacts (that haven’t been modified for X days) into the other PST file.)

    Does your utility work for my non-Exchange scenario? If not, will you be creating an utility for non-Exchange? If not, do you know of an utility that exists?

    Thanks for your help!

    • The utility is a third party product by Softthing. Currently they don’t have one for non Exchange accounts, but I suspect they will soon. SP1 included export as .mbox file.

      You can try this script although some users have reported errors that we are trying to track down. It works for me. Dragging a folder will create .mbox file but does not get subfolders. If you have a lot of folders dragging can get tiresome.

      Export folders as MBOX files (includes subfolders)

      Place script in the Outlook Script Menu Items folder in this location:

      ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Outlook Script Menu Items

      To run, select script from the Script menu in the Menu bar. You cannot select just a folder to export. The script exports ALL FOLDERS when run.

  • David

    Diane, please re-post the actual script rather than the URL with references to this site as well as google.

    Thanks !

    • I’m not sure what script you want posted. Were you thinking of the archive script that worked in Entourage for Exchange? It was broken back in Leopard.