Use EagleFiler to archive Outlook & Entourage messages

Office for Mac users are waiting on many applications to include Outlook capability. Michael Tsai has updated both EagleFiler and SpamSieve for Outlook. C-Command Software has been around since 2002 and Michael is well known in Mac circles as being responsive to users and creating solid applications that are easy to use. Check out his reviews here.

Use EagleFiler to archive your email messages. EagleFiler works with both Entourage and Outlook. I especially recommend that you have more backups options with Outlook since we are seeing reports of catastrophic data loss after crashes.  After backup you can select to delete from Outlook/Entourage to reduce the size of your Identity.

Currently, Outlook only exports your data as .olm file that can only be read by Outlook for Mac.  No more export as .mbox files that are compatible with other email clients. No export as .pst file. EagleFiler creates .mbox files that can be used if you need to move out of Outlook.

EagleFiler imports much more than your email, but I want to concentrate on email only. No lengthy learning curve for a new application. It’s quick and easy to get started.

Import your messages into EagleFiler


Select some messages or a folder and press the capture key (F1). EagleFiler will preserve the message flags, read status, and categories. EagleFiler skips messages that have been assigned the “OmitFromArchive” category in Outlook. To import from multiple folders at a time, use a smart folder to show messages from multiple mailboxes at once (for example, use “Date Created Any Date” to show all messages), select all the messages, and press the capture key.

To import .pst files from the Windows version of Outlook, import them into the Mac version of Outlook, then select the messages and press the capture key.


Select a mailbox or some messages and press the capture key (F1). EagleFiler will preserve the message flags, categories, and projects. EagleFiler skips messages that have been assigned the “OmitFromArchive” category in Entourage.

Reply to a message stored in EagleFiler

Under Record in the Menu bar, select “Reply to Message”. A new message opens in Outlook or Entourage

Use as a Project Center

Outlook does not include the Project Center that many Entourage users enjoyed. You can use EagleFiler to import your documents and other files to manage your projects. I must admit I used anything on my desktop and messages from a demo account to create this example.

Create a folder in EagleFiler and drag in the messages, files, events etc. Assign tags and add notes if desired.

You can find these actual files in the Finder:

EagleFiler’s author also gives us SpamSieve that is used by Mac users for deleting spam in Entourage, Outlook, Apple Mail, Eudora, Mailsmith and many other Mac email clients. SpamSieve learns where the Entourage and Outlook junk mail filters do not learn. With SpamSieve you’ll always have the latest filters.

Both EagleFiler and SpamSieve offer a full 30 day free trial.

I’m not affiliated with C-Command Software. I’m just a satisfied user.

Related article: TidBITS : Escape from Outlook 2011! by Matt Neuburg discusses using EagleFiler with Outlook.

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