Quit Safari to install or update Office 2011

You might have seen the directions to quit Safari before installing or updating Office 2011. If you are wondering why…. Office 2011 installs Internet Plugins ( SharePointBrowserPlugin.plugin SharePointWebKitPlugin.webplugin). Outlook also uses the Safari WebKit for rendering HTML so if Safari is left open when installing this could result in problems.

The installer only looks for the three most popular browsers (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox) to quit. If you are running another browser be sure to quit it too.

Installer scripts also quit some of the hidden applications like the Microsoft Database daemon and Office Reminders. I’ve seen scripts fail to quit applications so I suggest that you quit all applications before installing or updating Microsoft Office for best results. Easy Way:

  • Launch the MAU by selecting “Check for Updates” under Help in any Office application
  • Select the MAU in the Dock and select “Keep in Dock”
  • Log Out of your User under the Apple in the Menu bar.
  • When you log back in, hold down the Shift key to disable all startup items.
  • Select the MAU in the Dock. Download updates and install.
  • Restart after installing.
  • Remove the MAU from the Dock.
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16 comments to Quit Safari to install or update Office 2011

  • Steve

    I don’t understand why these plug-ins need to be installed. What is the purpose they are serving? I noticed you mentioned outlook, what if I don’t use outlook? Do I have an option to uninstall these plug-ins? It is extremely annoying that I have to quit my web browser every time Office comes out with a “critical” update, which each one of them is, which kind of degrades the meaning of the word “critical”.

    • this article is specific to Office 2011. Just check the title. However, it’s best to quit all applications when installing any updater for Microsoft Office including the older version. It’s quick and easy to do. It takes much longer to recover from a bad update since you have to remove office and reinstall from the DVD.

      • Elias Hedberg

        > It’s quick and easy to do. It takes much longer to recover from a bad update since you have to remove office and reinstall from the DVD.

        Or you could be given the option not to install these plugins at all – e.g. if you don’t use Outlook and Sharepoint. That would be a lot easier (and I do not agree that it’s a quick and easy thing to do, admittedly there are much more cumbersome things to do but I’d prefer to continue reading my online articles while the installation goes on in the background).

        Thanks for the tip though :).

  • James Clark

    You only get this sort of crap from MS and adobe. The whole reason to change to a mac in the first place is to end this nonsense. Why should I trust microsoft to fiddle around with OSX and my basic applications like safari when updating the spreadsheet programme.

    • You aren’t just updating Excel but all Office applications. Outlook shares code with Safari so all browsers need to be quit.

      • Noah

        FYI. The updater insists on shutting down browsers even if you don’t have Outlook.

        • This allows the browswer plug-ins to be updated. In addition, I suspect trying to create a separate install for H&S that does not contain Outlook would be difficult.

          In the past, I’ve seen issues with Safari after an Office 2008 update where fonts showed as garbled. It’s always best to quit everything when updating for best results.

  • Nadia

    Help. I want to install office for mac and it tells me that before I can properly install it I need to quit safari. The problem is that I can see nowhere where Safari is open. In my opinion safari is closed… how can I find out if there is another safari page that I am not aware of? (also, I bought my mac today so please answer in a language understandable for computer idiots… :P) thaaanks. X

  • Abhishek

    go to the Apple Icon (on the top left) and click on Force Quit… select chrome (and any other browsers if they are open) and force quit them. After that continue with your installation and you would be able to install your MS Office in MAC

  • Ryan Windley

    I am trying to install office :Mac 2011, the message keeps coming up that i need to shut safari down for the installer to continue,
    I have shut down safari and i have tried to reboot and i have tried to shut down my Mac Book, but the installer keeps cancelling this function. I have tried to quit installer from the drop down menu as well but this is also being over looked by the installer !!!!
    Help, i just want to load Office, how hard can this be?????

    • Did you do the Log out/in with shift key down?

      Not only does Safari need to be quit but all browsers. I suggest you quit the installer then Log out under the Apple in the Menu bar then Log in with the Shift key down, THEN run the installer.

  • Poul Knudsen

    Thx Diane Ross trick about holding the shift key down , solved the installation issue for us.
    Best regards
    Poul Ulrik

  • Andrea

    you can also go to force quit to end safari if you click on the apple icon at the top of the screen.