Outlook 2011 will not reply, fwd or create new emails

Problem: New Message, reply, or forward window does not open in Outlook for Mac 2011

Fix: Re-install Safari


See this Microsoft KB 2456873 if re-installing Safari does not fix your problem. Also see Quit Safari to install or update Office 2011 to understand the relationship between Outlook and Safari.

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5 comments to Outlook 2011 will not reply, fwd or create new emails

  • Christian

    i had the same issue and after deleting damaged fonts everythings fine…

  • Eric

    This was the top hit when I googled the problem and the resolution worked perfectly on the first try.

  • samir

    Thank you the solution worked great.

  • chico

    I have this same problem with microsoft outlook 2011 not working to send messages after using iphoto, but I’am now with mac OS lion and when I try to re-instal Safari, it shows me a message saying it is not possible. I saw on apple website and safari 5 is runing only with OS leopard, What can I do to fix my problem ? Can anybody help me?

    • I havne’t tried to re-install Safari since moving to Lion but you should be able to download and run installer and it will remove the older version. However, since I haven’t heard anything about iPhoto causing the behavior, I suggest that you test in a new User first.


      Go to System Preferences –> Create a New User in Accounts. Switch to the New User by logging out/in or use Fast User Switching.

      You can either create a new Identity or drag your current Identity to the Shared folder for access in the new User. Remember to drag it back or Outlook will open in a new Identity.

      Your Hard Drive/Users/Shared