Do your .pst files need a little magic?

Outlook 2011 can import .pst files, but some users are reporting problems importing. I have tested some .pst files submitted by users that brought over no messages using Outlook import, but using Emailchemy I was able to bring over the data easily. I know Microsoft is looking into this issue, but in the mean time you might want to try the demo and see if will help with the transition to Outlook.

Emailchemy can convert .pst files to Entourage .rge files, which Outlook Mac can easily import. For best results, the conversion from .pst should be done on a Mac. Also, for very large .pst files (anything over a couple gigabytes), you should use the free utility, Emailchemy MemoryBoost, which helps by giving Emailchemy a ton of working memory. This helps Emailchemy deal with giant email messages and it helps Emailchemy complete the conversions faster.

Another shortcut Emailchemy can offer is that it can convert several.pst files at once into a single .rge file, so that you only have to import one file into Outlook.

Convert .PST file using Emalichemy

Click on the circled tool button to start.

Select the EmailChemy tool

Select file type .pst

Select convert .pst

Browse to the location of your file and click on the Convert button. Your file will be saved as an .mbox file or .rge. The Entourage archive (.rge) is an easier import if you have a lot of folders.

Note: When you click the “Convert” button, the save dialog that pops up will have a drop down box where you select the format to which you want to save. Just like if you were saving a file in Photoshop, you need to select the format of the saved files. Standard mbox is the default, but for Entourage RGE you just need to select the “Entourage Archive (RGE file)” option from the drop down list.

The mbox files that Emailchemy creates when you select “Standard MBOX” are readable by Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird and almost anything else, but the .mbox folders that Emailchemy creates when you select “Apple Mail” format as the output are only readable by Apple Mail.

Select file to convert

Import the .mbox file into Outlook

Under File in the Menu bar, select Import. Select Outlook Data file (.pst or .olm)

Select “Entourage information from an archive or earlier version to import the .rge file.

You’ll find the imported file in the folder list. Toggle open to view messages. Copy messages or drag folders to their desired location then delete the remaining empty folders.

Edited 12/2/10

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4 comments to Do your .pst files need a little magic?

  • Kent Kelley


    I just purchase a Mac Book Pro and installed MS Office 2011 for Home and Business. I tried three times to import a large PST file (>6gbytes), and each time Outlook for Mac crashed before the file was fully imported. I found your website and followed your advice. I installed Emailchemy and converted the PST file.

    What I saw in the file directory was not a single mbox file but rather groups of individual mbox files organized by the storage folders I used in the Windows version of Outlook. However, when I attempted to import these mbox files into Outlook for Mac, Outlook for Mac would not recognize them.

    I appear to be stymied. Do you have any suggestions?

    I appreciate your assistance.

    Kent Kelley

    • You should have the option to convert to .rge file rather than mbox in Emailchemy. This is quicker to import since it’s a single import where each mbox file has to be imported individually. Contact the author of Emailchemy, Matt Hovey and he should be able to help with the mbox issue not importing.

  • Jim S

    Definitely pay the $30 and make an .rge file in Emailchemy. To expand on Diane’s note, Select Toolbox, Advanced Email Conversion, Add File, select input location/filename/format (Outlook .pst), click Convert, select output location/filename/format (Entourage .rge), click Save. When converted, go to Outlook Mac 2011 and Import Entourage .rge. All folders will import correctly.

  • Either remove my material from your site or post a summery and give me credit linking to my page for full details. You are not allowed to post the entire page on your site.