Add account setups to Outlook for Mac’s auto configuration file

This one’s for you, administrators!

Outlook for Mac has nearly 200 pre-configured POP and IMAP account configurations to assist users with auto-configuration of their accounts. Anyone who has set up a Comcast, Gmail, MobileMe or other common account has simply entered his E-mail address and Outlook has taken care of the server names, port settings and the rest of the configuration.

I’ve posted instructions detailing how administrators can modify the autoConfigDB.xml file to add their own auto-configuration settings for their organization. These instructions are for POP and IMAP accounts only. Exchange users will need to rely on Autodiscover or my Outlook Exchange Setup script.

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3 comments to Add account setups to Outlook for Mac’s auto configuration file

  • That’s OK, but why, oh why didn’t you use the same mechanism that Outlook for Windows uses, i.e. using DNS queries for autodiscover.domainname? We (Cologne University) recently set up the infrastructure for that and it works just fine for our Windows users. Distributing an autoConfigDB.xml file is out of the question for us. Please consider adding support for network-based autodiscover in an update …