When an update goes bad

The recent 12.2.7 update is a good reminder that you need to be prepared if an update causes issues on your computer. Neither Microsoft or Apple include an an uninstall feature for updates. These are the instructions included in every Microsoft updater:

To remove this update
This update does not include an uninstall feature. To restore your application to its original state, delete it from your hard disk, reinstall it from your original installation disk, and then install the updates that you want.

This is not a quick process. There are ways to revert easily, if you plan.

Revert to previous version

Option 1: If you use Time Machine, CCC, SuperDuper! or any other third party backup application, you can use your backup to replace the updated version that is not working.

Option 2: Archive (zip) your Office folder.

To compress files and folders:

  • Select the item or items you want to compress.
  • Choose File > Compress.

Easy to delete the bad updated Microsoft Office folder and revert to the archived copy.

Usually, you can just replace the Microsoft Office folder in Applications, but with the 12.2.7 updater the Microsoft AutoUpdater seems to be affected and needs to be replaced as well. When replacing be sure all Microsoft applications are quit including the Microsoft Database daemon and Notifications.

Re-install Office

If you select to re-install, you need the link for the 12.2.6 updater that’s no longer available in the Microsoft AutoUpdater or easily found on Mactopia downloads. (they have moved the link again. I’ll try to find another link to download. In the mean time they are still posting 12.2.0 you can use to upgrade)

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac 12.2.6 Combo Updater


  • Any update can cause problems. Have a backup before updating!
  • Read the directions before updating.
  • Quit all applications before updating major applications like Microsoft and Adobe and restart for best results.
  • Don’t run an updater while traveling unless you have access to a backup.
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12 comments to When an update goes bad

  • Hi Diane,

    Please clear me on one thing. When we revert back to earlier version using Time Machine, CCC, or SuperDuper option, does it interfere with the application only. Or it affects the database as well.


    • It does NOT affect the database. You are only replacing the Microsoft Office folder in Applications.

      • Barry

        I’m new to the back up process can you explain how it needs to be done….12.2.7has really messed up my Entourage. Thank you,


        • You can simply archive (zip) the Microsoft Office folder in Applications. this usually covers most updater mishaps, but a full backup of your entire drive is your best option. If you have Time Machine you can use this or you can use some third party software like SuperDuper or CCC to clone your drive. See backup options

          • Barry


            I use Time Machine and was looking on a “how to”on getting12.2.6 from the backup and reinstall it back to my MAc.

            I was going to use a day before I installed the 12.2.7 fix.

            Thank you,


          • Sorry, this got approved and I didn’t see to reply.

            When you find the file you want in Time Machine, select the icon in the window that looks like a gear. In Time Machine this gives you the option to restore the file to the desktop or another location. If you use Restore in the lower right, it replaces the file. I like to use the gear when replacing things like the database. Normally, I don’t want the current one replaced so save to the desktop, rename the file then manually move it to the Microsoft User Data folder.

  • The “Ship Asserts and The Microsoft AU Daemon also Crash and throw errors when you download the 12.2.7 update from Mactopia after a failed attempt from the Auto Updater

  • I fixed the Auto Update, AU Daemon and Ship asserts crashes.

    1) downloaded the 12.2.6 Updater from Mactopia.
    2) after dmg opened I used Pacifist to open the MPKG.
    3 Located the Auto Update application.
    4) moved the original Auto Update application to Trash
    5 extracted the Auto Update pkg to the MAU2.0 Directory
    6 Tested. Opened with no errors.

    Next: the Ship Asserts Application there was also an error reporting app in the MERP.20 Directory both would Crash.


    1) removed both applications from MERP2.0 Directory on Computer.
    2) located the Ship Asserts application in the 12.2.6 MPKG.
    3) Extracted both to MERP2.0 folder on Computer.
    4) tried both No Crashes.
    5) tried word and excel no crash of AU DAEMON on open or Ship Asserts on Close.

    So the 12.2.7 update definitely has a defective Auto Update Application, plus, Ship Asserts and Microsoft Error Reporting are defective. I can’t speak to Reported Defects in Excel. But at least you can get auto update to work again.

  • Last Comment: I verified That the above files are the ones that are corrupted, by opening the 12.2.7 dmg File and opening the MPKG with Pacifist. and moving good applications to Desktop and then extracting contents of the MAU2.0 and MERP2.0 folders from the 12.2.7 dmg to the corresponding directories on Computer.

    I the tried opening each and they all crashed. I then moved them to Trash and put the good versions back in, and they worked. It seems that Leopard and and snow Leopard connect components to different locations in system than PowerPC and OSX.4.11

    Okay MS now get to fixing the defects.

    • Was this on your Tiger install volume?

      Just to clarify, my understanding the Auto Update, AU Daemon and Ship asserts crashes only affect Tiger users updating to 12.2.7.

  • Jayne

    Here goes again. The comments box just dumped my last effort 🙁
    The page linked to Diane’s ‘12.2.6 Combo Update’ suggestion (in this article) doesn’t have an option for 12.2.6 (only 12.2.7).

    I was about to update (from 12.1.7) but seems I’d be MAD to install 12.2.7. I presume 12.2.6 should be (relatively) safe for me to update to.

    12.1.7 has functioned perfectly until today (when it crashed multiple times, and Word corrupted every document I worked on). Makes me wonder whether this problem is more MS’s built in obsolescence (now that 2011 version is out) rather than 12.2.7 issue.