Spell check differs in Outlook

You might notice a difference when using spell check in Outlook. Outlook uses the Mac OS X spell checker because of its Cocoa underpinnings. The rest of Office is still Carbon-based and uses the dictionaries supplied by Office.

A user asked the following question on the Mactopia forums:

Why in the Finnish language version of Office 2011 there is no Finnish spell check in Outlook although the language of the program is Finnish and in Word the spelling check works?

Outlook uses the Mac OS X spell checker, which does not support Finnish. The Office user interface has been translated into Finnish, and Word has a dictionary for Finnish. That’s the reason why Word behaves differently from Outlook; they simply use different dictionaries.

Dictionaries can be enabled in Mac OS X under Apple menu –> System Preferences… –> Language & Text –> Text tab. Many language dictionaries are available as free downloads.

Download  Finnish dictionary here. (I understand this works with Outlook.)

[Added November 3, 2010]  User posted this solution for Greek Proofing tools:  The only solution for the present, is to buy the Greek Proofing tools (Speller, Hyphenator, Thesaurus) for MS Office 2008 Mac from a company called Neurolingo. The proofing tools work for Office 2011 too. The cost is about 60 euros.

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