Outlook forum added for support

Outlook questions have been showing up in the Office, Entourage and Other Products forums. Just announced, a forum for Outlook.

Visit the Outlook Forum for help.

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2 comments to Outlook forum added for support

  • j. klobnak

    I have three items on the ribbon that are greyed out. Permissions, sync and properties. Also, how and where do I “sign in for the first time”?

    • Please use the Mactopia forums to ask personal help questions. We simply cannot answer everything within blog comments and we’d like to keep them on topic as well. Click the “ask a new question” link to the left of this page to create a new account.

      While we don’t require a sign-in to our site, creating an account will make posting comments faster. You can click the “Log in” link at the bottom of the page to create an account.