Embed a PowerPoint presentation into a webpage

Inspired by my friend Nadyne’s blog post where she added a PowerPoint deck onto a page, I decided to put together a quick tutorial covering the steps to do this. The effect is really nifty! Readers of your site can click back and forth between the slides of your PowerPoint presentation within your website or view it full size in a new browser window.

The PowerPoint presentation is hosted by Microsoft’s online service SkyDrive and requires a free Windows Live account. If you already have a Hotmail or Messenger account then you can use the same name and password to log in to SkyDrive. Using SkyDrive requires the Microsoft SilverLight plug-in. If it’s not installed then you will be prompted to install it.

To begin, log in to SkyDrive using your Hotmail, Messenger or Windows Live account.

SkyDrive login

A new user will already have a My Documents folder and only he can access it. Let’s keep that folder private and create a new one to share to everyone. In the upper left corner of the SkyDrive page, select Folder from the New menu.

SkyDrive new folder

Give the new folder a name and then click the Change link below it.

SkyDrive name folder

Drag the Share with slider up until it points to Everyone (public). Click the Next button.

SkyDrive share with everyone

Click the Add Files link in the upper left corner of the SkyDrive page.

SkyDrive add files

Click the Select documents from your computer link and choose your PowerPoint file to upload to SkyDrive.

SkyDrive select documents

Once your PowerPoint file is uploaded you will have the option to upload more files. Otherwise, click the Continue button.

SkyDrive file uploaded

Hover your mouse cursor over the newly uploaded file to view some hidden menus. Select Properties from the More menu.

SkyDrive properties

In the lower right corner, locate the Embed field under Information. Copy the contents of this field to your clipboard. The code will look something like:

The width and height in the code can be adjusted up or down but should be scaled proportionally to maintain the correct shape of the embedded PowerPoint presentation

SkyDrive embed

Finally, paste the copied information into a blog post or HTML page. The result should be something like the example PowerPoint presentation above.

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3 comments to Embed a PowerPoint presentation into a webpage

  • In your example at beginning of this post the item appears to try to load. am very indeed interested in doing something like this on my on website and get away from using Flash I need to add some items to my Flash presentation and I would have completely redo.

    This would be perfect Although I would have to have two computers running side by side to view this Blog to get set Up

  • What a sweet trick. Thanks for posting this.

  • Gert Lems

    Great tutorial, thanks!
    Would be even more useful if you can add instructions on how to adjust the different parameters (p1, p2, p3, p4).