Download pictures link in message window is gone with 12.2.7 update

One of the issues some users have experienced after updating Office 2008 with the 12.2.7 updater is the link in the top of a message to download images is missing. You can use one of the following workarounds until Microsoft provides a fix.

Link in message window to download pictures

Option 1) Resize message window (posted by <>

Option 2) Posted by<>

Go to Preferences, and click on the “Read” tab under “Mail & News Preferences.”

Under the “Messages” section, check the second check box, and give the time delay a non-zero number. Mine was already set to 5 seconds, so that I can skim through messages without marking them as having been read right away.

For me, the “display images” link appears once that time delay is reached and the message status changes from not read to read.

Option 3) Posted by <>

Another way too to solve the problem is to mark the message unread while in the message window. The advantage of this method is that there’s a shortcut, so you don’t need to go with your mouse to the edge of the page and resize and go back to where you wanted your cursor to be. You just press Shift + Command + T, and that’s it.

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16 comments to Download pictures link in message window is gone with 12.2.7 update

  • Really great post Diane.

    Entourage update 12.2.7 has created numerous problems for the users. Hope now they will be able to sort out their issues.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Darlene

    You can go into Entourage Preferences and select Security – select always download pictures in all messages, or you can remove Office 2008 and reinstall and just do update up to 12.2.6 – until Microsoft comes out with 12.2.8 update.

  • rac265

    I have the same problem, but if I select the message in the inbox, open calendar, and close calendar the “to protect your privacy. . .” line appears in the essage and I can open the pictures.

  • Miscellaneous

    Yes, ra265’s solution to open and close the calendar works and seems more sensible than setting the Read options to a certain time delay. I don’t want my messages marked “read” until I actually open them, but want the download pictures link to be available (as before the update).

  • Chris D

    entourage>preferences/general preferences / download pictures:in all messages.
    This works in 12.2.7

  • Macaddic

    Only problem is folks – NONE of these suggested solutions appear to work when it comes to messages received in the junk mail folder. In fact, so far, I haven’t found any of this suggested solutions (including the work-a-rounds) to correct the problem at all….. Not sure where everyone is coming up with these ideas but none of them work for me on my iMac Intel.

  • GYPR


    This was driving me freaking nuts. I long for the days where updates don’t jack up previous versions. True mac user that I am, I suspect it’s all a plan to push us to Office 2011…sigh.

    BTW, shift+command+T works the best for me — fast and easy.

  • Mike Boyer

    What do you want to bet that half of the problems have been introduced to encourage us all to shell out for a shiny new copy of office 2011 Mac when it debuts later this month?

  • Thanks very much. Resizing the window on the email in Preview mode works. Brings back the Download Photos option immediately. This shouldn’t be necessary, but at least it works!

  • Michael

    Problem is guys that if you dont have an intel computer you cant even operate office 2011 for the mac!

  • Jennifer

    Thanks, solved the problem, but still quite annoying that we have to ‘work around’ updates

  • Carol Bruml

    If you click right on the line between the gray message header and the white background of the message, itself, the old “download pictures” link appears. This is the easiest fix I’ve found, and seems to work reliably. Has the problem been fixed with the latest update?