Calendar syncing in Outlook

[Jun 12, 2015 Since this article was written, Sync Services have been depreciated further. Outlook  2011 will only sync via Exchange. There is no sync for local contacts and calendars. Office 2016 Preview does not offer sync to CalDAV and CardDAV needed to sync to Apple’s iCloud or Google Contacts and Calendars.]


Based on 500+ searches today for calendar syncing, I thought I should publish the most current info on Sync Services. Currently, there is no option in Outlook’s Sync Services for Calendar events. It will be coming in a later update. Before you ask, there is no date announced.

For Outlook, we entirely rebuilt our Sync Services support from the ground up. Our goal was to take care of those issues that some heavy-duty sync users had experienced. But Sync Services is complex (just ask the engineers at Apple!). For v14.0.0, we were able to get our syncing of contacts to the level of quality that we wanted to ship with. Calendar sync didn’t meet our quality bar for release, so it’s coming in a future update.

Regards, Nadyne. Nadyne Richmond user experience researcher Microsoft Corporation Macintosh Business Unit

If you have an Exchange account, you can set your iPhone to sync to your Exchange calendar & contacts rather than go through iCal and Address Book.

See  Outlook FAQs to answer other questions you might have.

[Added Oct 21, 2010- Read The Download on Sync Services in Office for Mac 2011]

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5 comments to Calendar syncing in Outlook

  • Stuke

    Thank you for this answer. It sure is the mainstream application for anyone working with more than one device (desktop computer, mobile device, “cloud” service, etc.) to have accurate, timely calendaring/events at all locations. With the new Outlook 2011, I, for one, was hoping to see a fix to duplicates where the only difference is the definition of day-long event, causing sync issues/errors that finally resolved into duplicate entries. Now we wait for this to come in Outlook 2011, not with it’s first release, but an update. I hope, no pray, the update will be that, an update (read…free) and not an upgrade.

    • Updates are always free. Adding sync to Calendar events would be an update. Upgrades are going from Office 2008 to Office 2011 for example. Upgrades are not free.

  • This doesnt mean that I cant use outlook to view my calendar on exchange server…does it?

    • Don’t worry. This doesn’t affect Exchange calendars at all unless you want your primary Exchange calendar to sync with Apple’s Address Book. If you do then you’ll have to wait for an update to address this.

  • gee thats a relief….not that Outlook works: all i get is error code 17997….same as entourage. Just rubbish