Office for Mac 2011 pricing

If you have not upgraded from an older version of Office for Mac to Office 2008, should you take advantage of the technology guarantee to get a free copy of Office 2011 or should you wait and purchase Office 2011?
Currently, Microsoft is offering a Technology Guarantee promotion for new customers of its Office for Mac 2008 product lines. Anyone buying eligible versions of Office 2008 between August 1 and November 30 will be eligible to receive Office for Mac 2011 when it ships in October.

If you have not upgraded, should you buy Office 2008 or wait?

If you are a long time Entourage user, you might want to consider upgrading. Office for Mac 2011 Home & Student will not contain an email client. Entourage is also being replaced with Outlook for Mac. Entourage might not be available for purchase at a later date and you might not like Outlook for Mac. If you are still using a PPC computer, this is one more reason to go ahead and upgrade. Office for Mac 2011 will require an Intel computer with Leopard or higher.
Older versions of Entourage Home & Student contained support for Exchange. Entourage 2008 does not. If you need Exchange support will need to purchase the Business edition of Office 2008.
Note: Outlook for Mac 2011 will not support Exchange 2003 server.

Be sure to read Outlook not included in Office 2011 Home & Student product so you make the correct decision on which product qualifies for your needs.

If you have already purchase the Office 2008 H&S and didn’t realize that your free copy of Office 2011 will not contain an email client, you can upgrade Office 2011 using online functionality. Information is not available at this time on the cost to add Outlook to H&S.

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*install – You can install on one desktop and one laptop but you cannot use both at same times.
Retail pricing for Office for Mac 2011

Office for Mac 2011 Academic version
There is a special edition for higher education students, staff and faculty. The edition includes Word for Mac, PowerPoint for Mac, Excel for Mac, Outlook for Mac and Messenger for Mac, and it will retail at authorized academic stores and Microsoft,, for $99 (U.S. ERP).

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