Microsoft releases ‘critical’ updates for Office 2004 and 2008

MacBU today released three updates to its Office for Mac 2004 and 2008 products, including Entourage Web Services Edition.

Office 2004

The Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.5.8 Update is a security release that addresses a vulnerability specifically in Excel. According to Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-017, a specially crafted Excel document, when opened, could lead to “remote code execution” and allow unauthorized users to gain the same privileges as the user opening the document.
While the knowledge base article does not include details, it does mention that the Holidays file is also updated. This may include updated holidays for 2010 and 2011, which have been missing since Microsoft extended support for the product to 2011.
The download is 9.7MB and requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher with the 11.5.7 update already applied.

Office 2008

The Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac 12.2.4 Update also addresses the same security vulnerability as the Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.5.8 Update and includes other Excel fixes. The update improves stability for Excel where corrupts fonts are present, when a row or value is inserted into a calculated column and the scrollbar is dragged while displaying trendlines. All of these occurrences could lead to Excel closing unexpectedly.
The update improves speed by fixing an issue with certain printer drivers in Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) that could lead to slow performance and it corrects an issue where importing content from a text file may lead to improperly formatted data when closing and reopening a spreadsheet.
The download is 221MB and requires Mac OS X 10.4.9 or higher with the 12.2.3 update already applied.

Entourage Web Services Edition

The Microsoft Entourage 2008 for Mac, Web Services Edition update increments the version to 13.0.4, but does not appear to include any additional features or fixes. It is most likely released for users updating from Office 12.2.3 only.
The download is 64MB and requires Mac OS X 10.4.9 or higher with the 12.2.3 update already applied.
All Office 2008 for Mac 12.2.x updates usually include necessary files for both Entourage 2008 and Entourage, Web Services Edition. The easiest method for updating is to choose Check for Updates from the Help menu in any Office for Mac 2008 application.

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