Entourage for EWS: Sync iPhone contact photos

Although Entourage Web Services Edition has been available to the public since August, my company only recently updated to Exchange Server 2007 in November. Most of the new features were pre-announced, but now that I can see and test them, I thought I’d try to cover them in a few posts on the subject.
My favorite feature so far is syncing iPhone photos. Keep in mind that this feature can more than likely work with other ActiveSync smart phones but I’ve yet to hear of it. The iPhone just happens to be predominant in our work environment.

Apple’s iPhone, like many other camera phones today, lets me take a picture of someone and add it to my contact record for him. I simply click the Edit button while viewing my contact, tap add photo in the upper left corner and choose a photo from my library or take one using my camera.

Once my iPhone has had a little time to sync with my Exchange server, I’ll notice the new photo in a few new places.
The first place will be in Outlook Web Access (OWA) when I view the contact record using a web browser. This is a great place to check to make sure your iPhone is syncing with your Exchange server.

So, if my contact’s picture appears in his contact record in OWA, then what happens in Entourage? Now, I switch to the Address Book in Entourage and open the contact record there.

Finally, in an often unused but very handy feature, when a contact record in any version of Entourage 2008 (not just the Web Services Edition) contains a picture, then it will display whenever you receive new mail from that user. This is a handy way of quickly identifying the sender.

The only downside to syncing photos from the iPhone to Entourage is that it is a one-way sync. Photos from the iPhone will sync to the Exchange Server and then to Entourage but photos from Entourage don’t get back to the iPhone. This may be a limitation of Exchange Web Services in Exchange Server 2007. Maybe it will be addressed in Exchange Server 2010.
This feature is only available where you meet the following requirements:

  • iPhone with Exchange support
  • Exchange Server 2007 with SP1, roll-up 4 or later
  • Entourage Web Services Edition (13.0.0)
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