Create Service to “Add Attachment to new Entourage Message”

You can simply drag a file to the Entourage icon in the Dock to add as attachment to a new or existing message, but if you want to create a Service so you can control-click (right-click) on a file to add it as an attachment to a new Entourage message, Snow Leopard’s Automator makes it easy to do.

The following instructions assume you’re running 10.6. If you aren’t familiar with using Automator to create a Service, I suggest that you start by reading Apple’s Learn Services.

Steps to create Service

  1. Open Automator
  2. Select the Service template
  3. At the top set: Service _receives selected_ *”files or folder” *in any application
  4. Add action: Get Selected Finder Items
  5. Add action: Run Applescript
  6. Copy the code from below into the Run Applescript action
  7. Save and name your new service “Add Attachment to new Entourage Message”
  8. Run via either the Services menu, or if you prefer, a keyboard shortcut.


The Script was provided by Mac OS X Hints contributor ganbustein.

Note: The script can be used in the Script Menu folder instead of creating a service. In Snow Leopard enable the Script menu in the AppleScript Editor Preferences.

How to select Service

  1. In the Finder menu bar, select Services…select the service “Add Attachment to new Entourage Message”
  2. Control-click (right-click) on a file in the Finder, select Service…select the service.
  3. Select item in the Finder, use shortcut assigned

For more info see Apple’s Services.

Add a Shortcut

  1. Open System Preferences, and go to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab of the Keyboard System Preferences panel.
  2. Select Services in the left-hand column, then scroll to Files and Folders in the right-hand column.
  3. Find your saved Service, and double-click in the blank area to the right of its name.
  4. Type in a new keyboard shortcut. I used Control-Shift-= (this is the key with the plus sign).

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