Update to shell script used with Super Duper! in Snow Leopard

After updating to Snow Leopard, some Entourage users need to update the shell script provided in this article Backup Entourage with SuperDuper! to quit all Microsoft applications. Users are also getting an error when the script runs in Super Duper! that indicates the Adobe Unit Types.osax is causing the script to fail.

Shell script fails to run in SuperDuper! for Snow Leopard users

The Super Duper log will show the following error indicating the shell script to quit all Miscrosoft applications failed and indicates the Adobe Unit Type.osax as part of the problem. The script does not use Adobe Unit Type.osax, but updating the script for Snow Leopard and updating the Adobe Unit Type.osax will fix this problem.

Changes in shell script

The following changes were made to each line of the script.



  1. Download new version for Snow Leopard quitall_sl.sh
  2. Unzip the file and place it in your User’s folder.
  3. Open Super Duper!
  4. Select Options tab
  5. Click on the Advanced tab
  6. Select new shell script quitall_sl.sh
  7. Click OK
  8. Select Copy Now to verify that your new script is working correctly.

See Backup Entourage with SuperDuper! for detailed instructions on backing up Entourage with Super Duper!

Update the Adobe Unit Types.osax to version 2.1.0

  1. Download the Adobe Unit Types.osax version 2.1.0 file from this technote.
  2. Choose /Library/Scripting Additions.
  3. Move the existing Adobe Unit Types.osax file to a backup location.
  4. Copy the downloaded version of the Adobe Unit Types.osax file to the /Library/ScriptingAdditions folder. Select Yes to authenticate this operation.
  5. Restart your computer.

More info on the Adobe forum.


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