Hotmail accounts as IMAP

This is an announcement not an endorsement. Hotmail users have lost functionality when Hotmail switched over to POP access recently. To get back IMAP sign up here to beta test mBox Mail for Mac.

What’s the difference between IMAP and POP?
IMAP works by keeping mail on the server. POP works by downloading your mail to your computer.

If you usually use POP to check mail, then when you use the Webmail interface you’ll only have access to new mail — none of your folders will be available. Likewise, if you create folders via Webmail and move mail to them, that mail will not be available the next time you check your mail via POP.
If you normally use IMAP to check your mail, then all of your folders will be accessible using the Webmail interface.

Please leave us your comments on results from beta testing, but we will not be able to help troubleshoot.

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