A “New” tool for troubleshooting SyncServices issues

Sync Services with Entourage have been problematic for a lot of us. In a recent blog post on another site of mine, I reviewed a new suite of applications for Sync Services troubleshooting, “Spanning Tools for Mac”:
SyncServices Disk Utility: Spanning Tools for Mac

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2 comments to A “New” tool for troubleshooting SyncServices issues

  • Mark Lee

    One of my users is using Entourage 2008 as an Exchange Client against Exchange 2003. It had been working, as he reports, but now the setup is exhibiting this problem: The emails leave the server and get downloaded into the Files on Computer “Inbox” (sort of like a POP account might work if you set it up that way). There are no other accounts set up in Entourage. How do I change the configuration so that the “files/folders on computer” get/s out of the picture and the default account is the Exchange account, leaving the messages and all data on the server, while showing the inbox in the exchange client as having the emails, new and old?

  • @Mark Lee
    Well I’m not sure it is related to SyncServices in any way, but it typically looks like a problem with either Rules, or the Mailing List Manager.
    I would *very carefully* check them all.