Entourage Calendar issues on Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard has introduced new sync issues with Entourage Calendar events. Let us know if these options help or if you have found a solution that you would like to share. Entourage-to-iCal time zone synchronization problems

Snow Leopard users are experiencing compatibility problem between iCal and Entourage. When syncing with iCal the calendar times will change to be off by a number of hours (depending on the time zone) from when they were originally created.

Entourage and ICal Calendar don’t sync anymore after upgrade to Snow Leopard

After upgrading to Snow Leopard, Entourage 2008 and iCal calendar events stopped syncing. Contacts and notes are OK, but calendar events just sync one way iCal > Entourage 2008.

Options to fix

Users with incorrect times will need to do both fixes. Fix for time zone issues:

  • If you are using Entourage 2004, you might have to update to Entourage 2008 to resolve the time zone issue.
  • If you are using Entourage 2008, verify that you are updated to 12.2.1
  • Enabled time zones in iCal (iCal>Preferences>Advanced)

In iCal preferences, there is a check box for “turn on time zone support.” If you leave it unchecked, iCal will automatically adjust to your current time zone and move the events forward/back by the appropriate number of hours. If you check “turn on time zone support” a drop-down menu will appear at the upper right of the iCal page allowing you to select the time zone you wish to view. In this mode, iCal does not automatically move the events unless you select a new time zone manually.

  • Enabled time zones in Entourage (Entourage>Preferences>General preferences>Calendar)

Fix for sync and time zone issues:

  • Deleting the following Preferences (quit iCal and Entourage before deleting):
    • User>Library>Calenders>Calender Cache
    • User>Library>Preferences>com.apple.iCal.plist
    • User>Library>Preferences>com.microsoft.entourage.syncservices12.plist
  • Re-start your computer
  • Re-start iCal. It will tell you that it is rebuilding the cache.
  • Re-start Entourage

Note: Cache files are temporary receptacles for data that help OS X and its applications work faster. Occasionally caches become corrupted, impacting the performance and stability of your Mac. Deleting caches won’t hurt anything.

Dealing with duplicates

Some users have found that selecting only one item at a time to sync in Entourage Sync Services preferences has helped with duplicates.

If you do get dupes, clean them up with one of the remove duplicate scripts then give every event and contact a category even if it’s a generic category like “current”. All duplicates will have the category “none” assigned. Sorting by “none” you can easily delete all dupes if it happens again. Scripts to remove duplicates If you aren’t familiar with using scripts, see Using AppleScripts with Entourage.

Backups are critical

I suggest you backup your calendar events and contacts as individual items in case you need to restore after a bad sync.

  1. Open Entourage
  2. Under File in the menu bar, select Export
  3. Select Items to an Entourage Archive
    1. Select All items
    2. Backup your Contacts and Calendar events separately
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12 comments to Entourage Calendar issues on Snow Leopard

  • Morri Young

    Thank you for this tip.
    My problem may be related, but not exactly. I have been running Entourage 2008 on Mac now running Snow Leopard, and it has been syncing automatically with Outlook 2003 which runs on Exchange Server 2003.
    This has been great for a year or more, but the syncing no longer happens. The Outlook syncs perfectly with the iphone, so I suspect its an Entourage issue.
    Can you suggest something? (I have updated the software as suggested)

  • Has it worked at all since you updated to Snow Leopard?
    If this is an Exchange account, select “Synchronize Now”.

  • Adi

    I’ve noticed as well that ever since i updated to Snow Leopard, my iCal sync between my Entourage (exchange 2003) is creating doubles for EVERYTHING. No matter what i’ve tried i’ve been unable to get rid of the doubles so i just gave up and removed the synching between the 2 calendars.

  • All data is actually synced to a database called the Truth. If the Truth is full of duplicates, it could just be repopulating the bad data over and over. You need to reset Sync Services.
    Reset sync services and start fresh? (Warning this erases data!!!)
    See this article for help creating a primary source to reset Sync Services.
    Sync Services still causing problems for some users after SP1

  • MB

    I give up. It’s as if there’s a joint plan by Apple and Microsoft to ensure that no one ever uses Entourage 2008 for anything. Well, it’s worked on me. Wasted untold hours dicking around with duplicates and non-syncing calendars. Thanks, guys.

  • Noel F. Nash

    Being former military, I use the 24 hour time scheme in my calendar(s). My MacBook Pro is set to use the 24 hour format, ICal displays the 24 hour format, Entourage 2008 displays the 24 hour format ONLY in the information dialog box about the appointment NOT on the calendar proper.
    Does anyone have any ideas on how to correct this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Noel F. Nash

  • See if the suggestions in this article will help.
    Correct Time displays in Entourage calendar by adjusting the correct System Preferences
    Correct Time displays in Entourage calendar by adjusting the correct System Preferences

  • Neville

    We are running Entourage 2008 on a Macbook Pro and connecting to a 2003 Exchange server with no problems at all, sending and receiving mails perfectly. Only problem is the client has been updating the local Entourage calendar and now we enabled calendar sharing so other Outlook based PC’s can see his calendar on the network – which also works perfectly I must say. Only problem is it’s sharing his Exchange Calendar in Entourage and not the local one and the local calendar is not “syncing” or updating all the content to the Exchange Calendar, so in theory none of the other staff can see his events and entries – what could the problem be – I’ve read endless amounts of forums and posts – but still haven’t found a set solution! PLEASE HELP! Really running out of ideas here 🙁 Thanks in advance.

  • Switch to the Calendar view and twiddle open the disclosure triangles for On My Computer and your Exchange account. Select the All Events view. You can drag and drop from there.

  • harriet R. Goren

    I am setting up Entourage 2008 at home to connect with an Exchange Server at work. I can see public calendars on that server via Microsoft Web Access, and also do see those calendars listed under “All Public Folders” in Entourage. But when I click on a calendar (that I can see just fine via Web Access), there’s no info in it, and I get a message at the bottom that says, alternately, “now updating…” and “accessing subfolders”. I;ve waited for hours to see if something new would happen, and also tried quitting and restarting, as well as changing the port to 443–no luck. How can I get the info to appear in those calendars? Any help much appreciated.

  • Lars

    On an iMac with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Entourage 2008 calendar crashes on Sync with iCal and when trying to Sync with a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone using MissingSync. The error report says it is the libSystem.B.dylib that causes the error. I have tried almost everything I could find on the web, including re-install, new users, database repair, timezone adjustment etc etc. MissingSync support says it is an Entourage issue, not MissingSync. I am really really starting to get tired with this. Is there anyone who has experienced similar problems and preferably has been able to solve them? help please!

  • When you export your calendar events as .rge file, categories are not included. However, you can select to export by category then select only Calendar Events to get categories. Usually in the calendar you don’t have so many categories used.
    When you export your calendar events, select to delete after exporting. (Whenever you are doing a delete like this it’s best to make a backup in the Finder of your Identity.)
    Now try importing one category at a time and try syncing. Select to have Entourage delete other items in preferences. This might clear the corruption and by doing it one category at a time, find the bad data.
    You could eliminate Entourage as part of the problem by turning of Sync Services in Entourage once you get the data synced to the Apple applications.
    Hope this helps!