Before you install Snow Leopard…

If you haven’t installed Snow Leopard yet, take some time to read some of the numerous articles that have been published for a successful install. I listed some links at the end for you to read that do an excellent job covering how to successfully upgrade to Snow Leopard.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. -Benjamin Franklin

Snow Leopard is a major change. Be prepared!

  1. Perform a full bootable backup of your system! If your experience with Snow Leopard is bad, you can simply boot from your backup.
  2. The most common issue for Office apps has been “Optimizing Font Menu Performance.” Delete Font caches before you update. Many of the utilities don’t work in Snow Leopard.

Does Office for Mac work with Snow Leopard?

Yes! Office 2008 for Mac is a Universal application that runs natively on Leopard and Snow Leopard. If you are using the latest version of Microsoft Office 2008, you do not need to install Rosetta. If you are doing a clean install using one of the original Microsoft DVDs with 12.0.0, the AutoUpdater (MAU) requires Rosetta. More info on the Microsoft Autoupdater (MAU) Office 2008 AutoUpdate (MAU) updated to 2.1.1

**I have not tried this yet, but the SP1 updater should contain the updated MAU. Some users are reporting problems installing Office 2008 on a clean install of Snow Leopard. Until I can try this myself, I can’t verify if this is a bug or user error.

***I was able to install Office 2008 on a clean install of Snow Leopard and update. You need to update the MAU, then apply the SP1, SP 2 and 12.2.1 updaters. For details see Troubleshooting Office for Mac with Snow Leopard

Microsoft Office 2004 requires Rosetta to run so be sure to select the option to install Rosetta or when you try to launch any ’04 application, you will be prompted to download and install.
There have been no reports on using Office X with Snow Leopard, but as soon as i can verify that it works, I’ll be sure to update this article. If it works, it will require Rosetta.

*** I was able to launch Entourage X, but have not tested it. Word X might be the application that will be more problematic under Snow Leopard. Slow reports coming in from Office X users.

Recommended Articles


Requirements and Compatibility

Coming shortly, Troubleshooting Office for Mac with Snow Leopard.

Applications ready for Snow Leopard to help with troubleshooting

Additional Info added after published date

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11 comments to Before you install Snow Leopard…

  • mattyohe

    You don’t actually need to choose to install Rosetta as 10.6 will recognize if it is needed, and download/install it for you.

  • Steve

    There’s always someone, right? I have installed v.X on Snow Leopard and then applied the most up to date updater. With Rosetta installed, it does launch and the apps appear to work as normal. Unfortunately, I’ve been having regular kernel panics on SL, but I don’t believe office v.X is to blame; however, this possibility has not been completely ruled out.

  • I just installed Snow Leopard tonight and only tried to launch Entourage X. I had no problems, but as you mentioned further testing needs to be done.
    BTW, did you resolve font conflicts? There are a lot of new fonts and deleting the old Microsoft ones will help.
    I’ll be posting an article tomorrow on troubleshooting Office for Mac on Snow Leopard.

  • If you know you are going to need it, then it’s a bit quicker to go ahead and install. I ran into one instance after I installed Snow Leopard that didn’t ask for Rosetta to be installed. Once I installed, my Kensington mouse software worked.

  • iceman

    guys where to download rosseta for 10.6?

  • You can select to custom install from the Snow Leopard DVD or when you launch any application that requires it, Snow Leopard should ask to download it for you.

  • Office v.X

    I use Office v.X on Snow Leopard with basically no problems. The only noticeable quirk is that switching spaces will bring up the MS tool bar, but the document window will not display until you click the app icon in the dock a second time. It’s a minor annoyance, but everything else works fine. (The same thing happened on Leopard).

  • Vishad Noris

    I used to work with Microsoft Office v.X on a G4 Powerbook under Mac OS 10.3.9. Now I bought a Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard. I tried to install Microsoft Office there but when trying to open Entourage, it tells me that Office already has been installed on a computer (which is correct :-)) and therefore I can’t use it.
    Since Support for Office v.X has been cancelled 2 years ago, I am hoping to find support here. My question is: how can I transfer my Microsoft Office v.X license to my new Macbook Pro and how can I transfer my emails from my old Powerbook?
    Thanks for any advice,

  • You can’t use both copies of Office X at the same time, but it’s OK to install and use the same key on the other computer if you then delete from the G4.
    You should still have your key on the installer CD sleeve.
    To move your emails over, simply copy your Identity in the Office X Identities folder on the new computer.
    You will need to delete all the old Microsoft fonts in your User’s Library. Also in the Office X folder in Applications you can delete the fonts in this location:
    Applications/Microsoft Office X/Office/Fonts/
    Office X in general works OK with Snow Leopard but you might find some features that are not compatible. Some issues with printing have been reported from some users. YMMV
    The most important thing you can do making the change to Snow Leopard is to make sure everything is updated to Snow Leopard ready version. Printers are slowly providing drivers for most versions.

  • Hemant Kamat

    Hi, I’m using Entourage v.X on a AlBook running 10.4.11 and e2Sync to sync with my Nokia E71 (Nokia OSX Entourage)
    Having decided to upgrade to a MacBook running 10.6.x, I was looking at the possibility of continuing using Entourage v.X; except that e2Sync is not compatible with Snow Leopard. Is there any alternative to sync Entourage v.X and AddressBook/iCal on 10.6.x?

  • Paul Berkowitz has two scripts that might work. It’s possible they are broken under Snow Leopard. Sync Entourage-Address Book 2 & Sync Entourage-iCal. You can find them on
    Seriously, If you don’t need Exchange you can get Office 2008 very reasonably from Amazon with free shipping. $113.95 (price can vary slightly)