Solution: Document Connection- Cannot connect to SharePoint site

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SharePoint needs to have its ‘Client Integration’ feature turned on. Log in to your SharePoint Central Administration site as an administrator. Navigate to Central Administration > Application Management > Authentication Providers then click the appropriate zone (in my case, ‘Default’). If ‘Enable Client Integration’ is set to No, switch it to Yes and click Save.

Let us know if this works for you.

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3 comments to Solution: Document Connection- Cannot connect to SharePoint site

  • Posted on the Office newsgroup by jaime_sf
    Gutch’s solution solved my issue in a round about way. While in the authentication management area, i noted the url as http://sharepointserver_nonfqdn:5280/
    When I used the non fqdn, it worked.

  • Joe White

    This didn’t work for me. Mine was already enabled and I had the correct address in there, it looks like it wants to connect and it spins its wheels for up to a couple minutes but then just says connection lost. any ideas?

  • Maria

    This didn’t work for me either. Client Integration was already on and the url is correct.
    We have the same issue. Our WSS 3.0 site is hosted on an SBS 2008 machine. Office for Mac 2008 Document Connection can not access it though it can access every other SharePoint site we work on, all of those are on SBS 2003.
    I have no issues accessing the site through either Safari or Firefox. Just Document Connection doesn’t work at all, spins then gives the Connection lost message without anything showing up in any logs (local Mac system logs, SharePoint logs, SBS Event logs.