Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac 12.2.0 (SP2) Update

The Office 2008 for Mac 12.2.0 SP2(SP2) Update is a combo updater. It includes all the updaters since 12.1.0 (SP1). You can download the combo from Mactopia or via the AutoUpdater (under Help in the Menu bar).

This updater does not include Exchange Web Services (EWS). Users that have the EWS beta installed should not use this updater. EWS and Office for Mac SP2 are independent development efforts and their release dates are not linked. Expect more announcements in the coming weeks.

Prerequisites: You must have Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac 12.1.0 Update or later installed before you install the Office 2008 for Mac 12.2.0 Update.

Depending on what updates you have previously installed, the size of the SP2 update will vary if you use the AutoUpdater:

  • about 170MB if you have installed all the monthly updates since SP1
  • about 300MB if you have NOT installed any monthly updates since SP1

This update also includes a new application called Microsoft Document Connection. This application makes it easy to work with files located on a SharePoint site or Microsoft Office Live Workspace. To view all improvements included in the SP2 update, click on this link. Continue reading to view improvements for Microsoft Entourage 2008 for Mac along with tips to for a good install and troubleshooting your install.

Improvements for Microsoft Entourage 2008 12.2.0 (SP2) for Mac

  • Support for Proxy auto-config (.pac) file. This update adds support for automatically configured Mac OS X proxy network settings.
  • MobileMe accounts are automatically configured in Entourage. This update adds support for automatically configuring MobileMe accounts in Entourage.
  • Junk e-mail filtering definition file is updated. This update includes an updated Junk e-mail filtering definition file.
  • Support for configuring POP access for new Windows Live Hotmail. This update adds support for automatically configuring POP access for new Windows Live Hotmail accounts in Entourage.
  • Improved reliability when sending encrypted or digitally signed messages to recipients in different organizations. This update fixes an issue that causes some encrypted or digitally signed messages to be discarded by the receiving server without an undeliverable notification to the sender.

Tips for a good install

Before updating Office, I suggest compressing (zipping) your Office folder or making a duplicate if you do not have a backup of your Office for Mac folder in Applications. There is no way to easily revert to a previous version after updating. for more info see Revert to a previous version after a bad update and Warning about updating while away from home

  1. Office 2008 must be installed in the boot volume in an Admin account.
  2. Launch the Microsoft Autoupdater (MAU).
    1. To launch MAU, you can open any Office application and select “Check for Updates” under Help in the Menu bar.
    2. Once MAU is launched, select “Keep in Dock”
  3. Quit all Microsoft applications (Easy way: log out. When you log in, hold down the Shift key. This will disable all startup items including the hidden ones. It’s important all Microsoft applications are quit, but quitting all applications will result in fewer problems overall. Any open application could be corrupted by the process.
  4. Select the MAU from the Dock and let it download the 12.2.0 updater.
  5. Install Updater
  6. Restart (sometimes the temp folder where the update wants to write to is locked, restarting your machine clears the temp folder and rectifies this problem)
  7. You can remove the MAU from Dock after you complete the update.

How do I know I’m updated?

The Microsoft Component Plugin will always show the latest version installed.

/Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Office/MicrosoftComponentPlugin.framework/Versions/12/MicrosoftComponentPlugin

Starting in Office 2008, all Office applications give the version number under About…

Troubleshoot Update

It seems every update we see the same issues where users get errors like this….

  • A version of the software required to install this update was not found on this volume.
  • All or some Microsoft Office applications are completely missing after applying updater.
  • Your Office database is corrupt

For help with these errors, see the Install/Update Errors Office 2008 Page. Some users have found it easier to do a re-install than try to track down the problem.

Please remember we are not an official Microsoft site and if you have frustrations, send feedback to Microsoft.

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18 comments to Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac 12.2.0 (SP2) Update

  • Paul

    Updated and lost 4 folders that were stored locally. Is there any way of getting these folders back?

  • The updater should not have touched your Identity. However, odd things can happen during any update.
    It sounds like you have an Exchange account, but you have copied 4 folders to the folders “On My Computer”.
    Do you have any backups? is this the only thing that is missing?

  • James

    Diane, where do we go for help/info on using the new Document Connection feature in Office 2008? I see that the option to Connect to a SharePoint repository is disabled in my version, and I’d like to know what I can do to turn this feature on.

  • Dave

    updated using MAU and now Entourage unexpectedly quits at launch. Database verifies, restarted, other Office apps fine. Oh, to be on the cutting edge…

  • I don’t have SharePoint so my info is extremely limited. I do know they are discussing this on the newsgroup. Look for the thread: Document Connection: Can’t connect to Sharepoint (option grayed out)
    See this article on how to subscribe using the Entourage newsreader.
    How to get individual help

  • Did you restart after updating? If not, restart and see if that clears the problem.
    Check this page for solutions to unexpected quits :
    Unexpected Quits
    BTW, you can test your install by testing in a new User or a new Identity. This will show if the problem is in your User’s folder or if it’s your Identity that has the problem.
    Go to System Preferences –> Create a New User in Accounts. Switch to the New User by logging out/in or use Fast User Switching. Test Entourage in a new blank Identity.
    To test in a new Identity, rename your current Identity to Old Main, now when you open Entourage it will either create a new Identity or give you the option to create a new Identity. If Entourage open OK in a new Identity in your regular User, then we need to test the Identity in the new User.
    Drag your Identity to Shared folder so it’s available when you switch to the test User. Switch Users then drag (it actually copies) your “old Main” Identity to the Microsoft User Data folder –> Office 2008 Identities folder and see if it opens in the new User.
    Once you know where the problem exists, you can fix it.

  • Christopher Tabb

    Since installing the latest update, my help section no longer generates results when entered in the search field.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance if you can help.

  • Magnus rubin

    After installing 12.2 all messages I “Reply All” to include my own email address. Can’t figure out where to disable this. Can’t find anything in the preferences under ” compose” or “Reply & Forward”. Now I get a copy of my reply messages in my “Inbox” as well as my “sent items” folder.

  • Help now has an option for Online Help, check at the bottom left corner of the Help window and see if you are online or offline.
    If that doesn’t clear things up let me know. Sometimes bits can go missing during an update. If the help files were removed, you could use a backup copy of the Office for Mac folder and try the update again. Otherwise you might have to do a re-install of the DVD.

  • I’m not getting this behavior. I suggest taking this to the newsgroup for discussion. Be sure to include type of account. (POP, IMAP, Exchange)
    How to get subscribe to the Entourage newsgroup

  • Mike

    have a problem, unexpected quites.
    and in console i have this messege
    23/ 07/09 13:28:13 [0x0-0x32c32c][13680] Thu Jul
    23 13:28:13 mac-pro.local Software Update[13680] :
    CGSResolveShmemReference : reference offset (64352) exceeds bounds (32768)
    on shmem obj 0x8ad4
    what i must to do?

  • See this link for help with unexpected quits
    If you still have problems, I would use “Remove Office” then manually remove the files like receipts that were not removed, then install Office from the DVD then update.
    Remove Office

    Install Office for Mac 2008 including updates

  • Alex Salerno

    Hello. I would like some type of confirmation regarding my paid Hotmail Plus account attached to Entourage and the new SP2 update. If I re-setup to POP, what functionality will I lose? If any.

  • We are not an official Microsoft site. If you want something official contact Microsoft.
    I can tell you that changing from the old web access for Hotmail, the POP download will download all messages from the server and unless you select ‘keep on server’ under the Options tab for the account, the mail will not be available from another computer or from the web.
    If you want the same behavior get a Gmail account and set it up as IMAP. Right now Hotmail is not offering IMAP.

  • Ian

    Ever since updating to 12.2.0 I can no longer send mail from Entourage via my Hotmail address. Any thoughts?
    If MS Hotmail and MS Entourage can’t even play nice… well I am THIS CLOSE to just going Gmail. Sheesh.

  • Did you change over your Hotmail to POP?
    See Setup Windows Live Hotmail in Entourage as a POP account
    The Account Setup Page also offers help setting up Hotmail.

  • Peter Rosset

    I changed it over to POP and still cannot check or send from my legacy hotmail account. HELP!

  • See this article. Read the comments for extra clues if the setup instructions don’t work for you. If you are behind a server at work, your account might be blocked by the server.
    Setup Windows Live Hotmail in Entourage as a POP account