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SuperDuper! for backup and recovery is highly recommended by regular Mac users. It’s easy to use and the directions are clear and friendly. I like to describe Time Machine as an Ooops fixer and SuperDuper! as an OMG! fixer.

You can download SuperDuper! right now and back up and clone your drives for free — forever! When you purchase SuperDuper! you can unlock scheduling, Smart Update (which saves a lot of time), Sandboxes, scripting and more! $27.95

Previously, we’ve focused only on backing up your Entourage Identity, but today we’re going to also include the importance of backing up your Office for Mac folder in Applications, recovery from a bad system update and backup on the fly using SuperDuper!

Backup your Office for Mac folder in Applications

You might ask, “Why do I need a backup of my Office for Mac folder?” If you’ve ever noticed these directions when you download an Office updater you’ll understand why.

Updates do not include an uninstall feature. To restore your application to its original state, delete it from your hard disk, reinstall Office from your original installation disk, and then install ALL updates.

I think we can all agree that the idea of removing Office and going through a reinstall and update is not something we want to do if there is an alternative. Failed updates can be specific to your computer or from a bug introduced in the updater itself. If you have a backup copy of Office on Time Machine, a clone created by SuperDuper! or even a zipped copy of the folder, you can replace the failed updated folder and be back to work in a matter of minutes.

Backup your Entourage Identity using SuperDuper!

SuperDuper!’s Smart Update feature will make a backup copy of your Entourage Identity along with all updated files to your clone, but you do need to quit all Microsoft applications including the Microsoft Database daemon before it’s backed up. I discussed the importance of quitting all Microsoft applications and the daemon in this article. You don’t want to backup your Identity and have a corrupt database because you didn’t quit all Microsoft applications and the daemon first.

SuperDuper! makes it easy to quit all Microsoft applications. You can select a shell script that does this for you in SuperDuper! You don’t even have to know or understand shell scripts to use it. Place the script anywhere you choose. I suggest you create a folder in your Documents folder.

Download shell script to quit all Microsoft applications and the daemon
Download Snow Leopard version of script

Let’s get started:
1. Select copy (select drive as source) to (select drive as destination). You’ll notice that SuperDuper’s window shows you exactly what has been selected.

2 Choose script under using

3. Click on Options tab
4. Under the General Tab select Smart Update. This assumes you’ve made your clone and restarted from the clone to test it first before restarting from your main startup drive.

I suggest you select Sleep computer if you are doing this in the middle of the night. SuperDuper! gives you choices if sleep is not what YOU want.

5. Under the Advanced tab select your shell script to quit all Microsoft applications and the daemon. You can also select to run a script after backup. If you would like to start the Microsoft Database daemon so reminders and Spotlight caches are updated, download this script Click OK after you make your selections.
Download Snow Leopard version of script

6. Schedule your backup.I suggest you schedule SuperDuper! to make a Smart Update daily. The only drawback of this type of backup is the file is overwritten each night and you don’t have snapshots of your database in case you need to go back in time to find a ‘good’ database. This is where having multiple backups come into play. If you also backup daily to Time Machine, you will have snapshots of your Identity, or you can use this option to create a chronological backup using FolderOrgX folder action. (can be used by Tiger users)

7. If your Macintosh is asleep when the time comes to run the backup, SuperDuper!’s scheduling won’t wake it up, so the backup won’t run. The way to handle this is to use the Energy Saver Preference Pane in System Preferences to schedule a wake (or “start up”) event for a minute before the backup is scheduled to run.

Personally, I run my Automator workflows to backup my Identity using the folder action to place the Identity into a dated folder as described in this article, just prior to my SuperDuper! backup. If your data is important don’t rely on just one backup option.

Test your backup. Click on the Copy Now button to test your setting while you can watch what is happening. If there is a problem, you can open the SuperDuper! log and it will tell you what went wrong.

Recover from a bad system update

One of the options in SuperDuper! is to create what the author calls a “Sandbox“. It’s used to revert to pre-update state of your OS. Here’s a description of how this option works:

A Sandbox is a bootable copy of your system, stored on another hard drive or partition, that shares your personal documents and data with the original. With SuperDuper!, you actually use the Sandbox as your startup volume. You can safely install any system updates, drivers or programs in the Sandbox, without worrying about what might happen to your system. If anything goes wrong, you can simply start up from the original system. SuperDuper! has preserved it in its original, pre-disaster state but all your new and changed personal documents are totally up to date. Within minutes, you’re up and running again without having to go through a difficult and time-consuming restore process.

Backup on the fly

For busy people that don’t want a scheduled backup, I found this hint on MacOSXHints that I’m passing on as an option to backup Entourage on the fly. This is also very handy as a way to backup when you are traveling.

Use a run-on-drive-connect SuperDuper backup script

Thu, Mar 19 2009 at 7:30AM PDT • Submitted by Anonymous

I’ve put together information from several other guides (see references at the end) that I found around the web to create an auto-run SuperDuper backup script. The backup will start when you attach a USB (or FireWire) drive, and the drive is then automatically un-mounted when the backup is complete.

This is very useful for me (versus scheduled backups) because I am at my home and office desks at variable times of the day. When I get to work in the morning, I just connect the drive and away it goes! A few hours later when I leave, I just check Finder to make sure the drive is unmounted and pack up.

Read the entire hint on Use a run-on-drive-connect SuperDuper backup script

[Note: Latest version of SuperDuper has added an option to backup when drive connected.]

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7 comments to Backup Entourage with SuperDuper!

  • Kevin Walsh

    I’ve been attempting to use the scripts provided for backing up using Super Duper which stop Office and restart. Except it’s failing. I have the log failure notes but not sure where to send it for help on repairing it.
    It looks like this:
    03:12:22 PM | Info | …ACTION: Running shell script
    | 03:12:22 PM | Info | ……COMMAND => Invoking Before Copy shell script: /Users/walsh/Documents/Shell Scripts/
    | 03:12:22 PM | Error | 2009-09-04 15:12:22.613 osascript[8217:903] Error loading /Library/ScriptingAdditions/Adobe Unit Types.osax/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Unit Types: dlopen(/Library/ScriptingAdditions/Adobe Unit Types.osax/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Unit Types, 262): no suitable image found. Did find:
    | 03:12:22 PM | Error | /Library/ScriptingAdditions/Adobe Unit Types.osax/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Unit Types: no matching architecture in universal wrapper
    | 03:12:22 PM | Error | osascript: OpenScripting.framework – scripting addition “/Library/ScriptingAdditions/Adobe Unit Types.osax” declares no loadable handlers.

  • Let me see what I can find out. It sounds like something is being called that’s not in the script. Can you create a new User in System Preferences and see if the script runs in SuperDuper in the new User?

  • Look inside /Library/ScriptingAdditions for “Adobe Unit Types.osax”.
    Possibly, removing this item will allow the script to run.

  • Debbie Frank

    Just received message that my Entourage database needs to be rebuilt as data can’t be accessed. Tried clicking on identity and few other ways to open but same message. Last backup was two weeks ago via Time Machine but am concerned now after reading postings that it’s not sufficient. At this point, what’s best way to handle? Super Duper? Time Machine? Too late? System was recently updated with Snow Leopard.

  • It’s unclear if you actually tried to rebuild. Recovering a corrupt database file can be complex. Your best option is to use the database that is corrupt in it’s original corrupted state before you try to rebuild. If you have a drive with enough space you can rebuild yourself. I do database recovery for clients and if you are unable to rebuild, let me know.
    Make a duplicate in the Finder first as additional backup. A rebuild does make a duplicate, but sometimes in the process the original and backup get merged resulting in total disaster. It’s rare but it happens.
    Your backups on Time Machine most likely can be used but would contain corruption. they could be used to create a new Identity.

  • ari Stein

    Hi there,
    I have been reading all the pages for entourage back up, the info seems endless and honestly quite intimidating, my entourage is honestly my life and my whole bizness. I need to back it up but i just need to know the best way, all i have been doing up until now is just copying the identity to an ext. HD as i was told not to back up entourage on time machine. Is there any quick and painless way that i can clone it and if something happens just restart it from the clone, in a very easy way, seems theres a million ways. I have 10.5.8, intel core duo 2 macbook.

  • I highly recommend using SuperDuper for backup. Not only are you backing up Entourage but all your files.
    You can do the Automator action that makes a backup copy of just Entourage. Directions are in this article:
    Backup Basics
    This page lists all the backup articles.