Delete Photo in Contact

I just tried to delete the current photo in a contact so I could replace with a new picture. When I selected the picture in the Summary window, I tried to drag to trash as indicated, but it just wouldn’t drag.

I switched over to the Personal tab and selected the photo and now it will delete.

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4 comments to Delete Photo in Contact

  • Robin R

    I am trying to add a jpg image to a contact in my Entourage address book on the Personal page, where it says “drag and drop here”. I have the photo on my desktop, in jpg format, and when i drag and drop it doesn’t take it because one of the other fields on that screen is highlighted. Help please. Thanks.

  • Click on your desktop to deselect all. Then select the .jpg your want and drag it to Entourage.

  • Lyn

    I have the same problem, I deselected on desk top, but the photo still won’t be dragged in, would you have any other idea’s, I have looked ever where for answers and you are the only one to address this problem, thank you for your time.

  • Are you trying to add or delete a photo? What file type?
    You have to select the Personal tab first and add/remove in this pane.