Use Growl with Entourage

If you aren’t familiar with Growl, be sure to read the MacGems article by Rob Griffiths, Growl 1.1.4 . Growl is a notification system for Mac OS X: it allows applications that support Growl to send you notifications. Growl is donationware.

Use Growl in Entourage for notifications

  • when you receive messages using a Rule
  • and to notify you when you backup Entourage using an Automator action.

Install Growl

Growl is an easy install (just double-click the preference pane in its disk image). Select the “Sticky” checkbox in the Growl preferences for Entourage notification if you want them to stay up until you close it. See the Growl Setup instructions to make your personal selections for how long the notification window stays up. Download Growl

Use Growl in a Rule

This rule should be at the top of your rule list. If you use SpamSieve, place the rule just below the SpamSieve rules. Rules run in the order they are listed from the top down.

Example of notification. Each message will show in it’s own window.

Download Script or view script to copy/paste into your Script Editor. Just drop the script into the Entourage Script Menu Items folder within the Microsoft User Data folder.

Use Growl with Automator Action

In previous articles we described how to backup Entourage using an Automator workflow. You can add this Automator action at the end of the workflow for notification.

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