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  • Peter Connor

    Unfortunately, I was not successful in creating the account in the way you suggest. Now, I may have left our pertinent information in my original post: I am using Office 2004 (v. 11.04) on my G4 PowerBook.
    The set-up window does not allow me to do all the things you suggest, such as creating a POP account, nor directing me to a SMTP server.
    So, if you have other ideas, I’d like to receive them.
    Thanks for your reply.

  • See if the screenshots on this page help.
    Account Setup

  • Luiz Felipe

    Thank you very much, you helped me allot.
    God Bless you!

  • Brad Criss

    You are a genius!!! Many, many thanks.

  • Sarah

    tthankkkk yyyooouuuuuuu!!!!! =)

  • Michael

    I have set up my Entourage to use the Windows Live POP account, but now it keeps on receiving all the email on the hotmail server over and over again. I have email duplicated about 4 times now and it is still continuing to receive the same email… PLEASE HELP!!! over 7000 emails and counting 🙁

  • Open your POP account under Tools in the Menu bar. Click on the Options tab. You need to look at the options you have checked.
    You can select to leave on server. When you do this, the messages will be there to download again.
    One of the options is to “get all messages left on server”. This would clear the problem for any future connections.
    Another option would be to move the messages out of the Inbox using your web browser into an archive folder. Entourage only gets the messages from the Inbox.
    Also under the Options tab is “allow online access.” This will let you see in the Entourage folder window what is on the server. Similar to an IMAP account.
    Downloading messages over and over can happen if you rebuild Entourage, or if there is a problem with the server itself. It’s possible database corruption could be involved, but that would be the last thing on my list to check.
    You can clean up the duplicates with a script. See this page Remove Duplicates for links.
    Once you get Entourage and the server squared away hopefully this problem will not come back, but servers frequently update their security software and restart their servers causing the message IDs to change. This results in confusing Entourage to thinking they are new messages to download.

  • Robert Holder

    I followed your instructions and was able to recieve my email messages. However, when I try to send emails out, I keep getting an error message that the server is busy.
    Any suggestions? R Holder

  • The Hotmail servers could just be busy. The only way to test is this an Entourage problem is to set up your account in Mail and see if it goes through. Be sure to set “leave on server” under the Options tab in the Account window.

  • Sonja

    Same problem here, for two days now the server has been busy and timed out? I don’t think so, this is hotmail we’re talking about, my outbox is building up. Any suggestions as to why this is not working. It was working just fine before I changed my settings over to be a POP account.. grrr!

  • Send & Receive issues are the hardest to troubleshoot since it involves so many different individual issues. Some options:
    * Try doing a receive before send.
    * Open the Outbox and see if there are any messages waiting to go out. If yes, open individually and click on send.
    * Move the messages out of the Outbox, and see test one message at a time.
    * Log in with your browser and then see if Entourage will download.
    If you are going to miss the ability to use with different computers/locations, you might want to look at Gmail. They offer POP and IMAP options.

  • mary denvir

    I tried everything here. It worked initially, but after a few emails, it is telling me that the message is too large. I only have one message in the outbox and it is only text. Any ideas? Could it be my signature?

  • Does your sig have an image attached? This could push you over the limit for message size. The only way to know for sure, is to test without a sig.

  • annonemoose.com

    I tried this in Entourage and I get a failure message for the address pop3.live.com I put in all the information correctly as it works for my wife’s account but not for mine and the error is related to the server address pop3.live.com, very frustrating.

  • Alex S.

    I am a paying Hotmail customer. If I re-setup as a POP account what will I lose??

  • AFAIK, the only thing you loose in this change is mail will not be automatically kept on the server unless you make the correct setting under Options tab in the account window to ‘leave on server’.
    We are not an official Microsoft site so I cant speak to what a paid account offers.

  • Exactly what is the error message?
    You can try monitoring the network traffic when you try to connect. It might help solving what’s incorrect. See this page for help:
    How to Install and Use TCPflow

  • Katie H.

    Is there any way to download the folders from my Hotmail into Entourage? With the old system, all of my old messages and folders were available in Entourage and now I can’t figure out how to do that again.
    Thanks also for the SMTP port tip. I kept getting an error message when it tried to send, but after I switched it to port 587 it worked! Thanks!!

  • I’m not exactly sure how Hotmail works since I don’t use it. Are you saying when you switched over to POP, it only gets the Inbox mail and not your other folders?
    Previously Hotmail was similar to IMAP and everything was on the Hotmail servers.

  • Tom Rigby

    Amazing, thanks very much for this, worked first time!

  • Johnny R

    Does this work with Leaopard?

  • Yes, and it should work under Leopard. Setting up an email account should not be platform specific.

  • Rita M

    I, too, lost all the folders. I read in some instructions that the folders can be copied by dragging them to the folder on My Computer, but that didn’t work. Also, I really don’t want to save all these emails on my computer. It was better on the MSN server.

  • donald baker

    Thank you for this fix; but now I keep getting the error message; login allowed only every five minutes – evidently entourage constantly keeps trying to log onto MSN and keeps getting bounced back; is there a fix for this (The other fix worked fine BTW)

  • Edain

    I have same question as Katie H. Is there any way to download the folders from my Hotmail into Entourage? With the old system, all of my old messages and folders were available in Entourage.
    I read on following site that Folders would not be shown…I find that a bit naff?
    Can anyone help or verify that folders will not be downloaded.

  • Eric

    Yeah, forced to do this starting the other day, when the hotmail idiots thought this would be a nice thing to force us to do.
    On the web, organized folders. Added the account as a POP, and everything got loaded into one big inbox full of not new emails. Fail.

  • You should look at a Gmail IMAP account. This would give you the same functionality with messages on the server.

  • Open Schedules under Tools in The Menu bar. If you Hotmail account is in the Send & Receive All, just edit the time to connect.

  • We are not an official Microsoft site, you should send your feedback to Microsoft if you want your voice to be heard.
    Send Microsoft Feedback

  • I think your confusion comes over not understanding the difference between POP and IMAP accounts.

    IMAP works by keeping mail on the server. POP works by downloading your mail to your computer.
    If you usually use POP to check mail, then when you use the Webmail interface you’ll only have access to new mail — none of your folders will be available. Likewise, if you create folders via Webmail and move mail to them, that mail will not be available the next time you check your mail via POP.

    More info on POP and IMAP accounts
    If you still have your Hotmail account set up as a web mail account, you can copy the mail from the online folders to folders “On My Computer”. Otherwise you will need to move the mail via your browser to the Inbox so Entourage can download. If you do this folder by folder then you can recreate the folders.
    See how to create a rule so all mail from your Hotmail goes to it’s own Inbox after setting it up as a POP account: Move messages from each POP account to it’s own Inbox.

  • Raj

    I have both a MAC and a PC. Earlier, both Entourage and Outlook worked the same and I had no issues with Hotmail. I could see all the folders, move messages between folders etc. Now, in Entourage, its absurd while nothing has changed with Hotmail on Outlook 2007 (I just had to download and install Windows live connector). I’m just going to stop using entourage and eventually Hotmail too.

  • Eva

    Diane – I seem to have the same problem as Peter above – I am on Entourage 2004 for Mac and when I click the Account Setting link you provide, I do not get the option for POP. Am I missing something?
    Do I understand correctly that Microsoft simply made a change that now does not allow IMAP accts like my msn.com email to work in Entourage any longer and therefore I need to change it to a POP type of account which, in essence, does not retain emails on their server? Please help. Thanks in advance.

  • Stu Boyd

    I have set up the account as instructed however when i hit send and receive this comes up “HTTP error. Access to the resource is forbidden.”
    Is there anything i can do?
    Thank you

  • I just added a screenshot and link to the end of the article. This should help you create a POP account.
    As to why Microsoft made this change…One it now gives everyone even free subscribers the ability to download into Entourage. More info on this change in Free Hotmail accounts soon accessible to Entourage
    I suggest you get a free Gmail IMAP account to get the mail left on server option. Gmail has great spam filters.
    Connect Entourage 2004 to Gmail’s IMAP service
    Create Gmail labels and make Entourage folders

  • Are you trying to connect behind your company’s servers? Some forbid this. Ask your IT guy.
    This error is coming from your server. It can mean:
    1) the e-mail address you typed in the Exchange account dialog does not exactly match the one the server expects. Since the addresses don’t match, it doesn’t allow you to send.
    2) when a user’s Active Directory account password has expired. Resetting the password – say through OWA – then launching Entourage resolves.

  • Nick

    Thank you thank you thank you. I thought I was going nuts.

  • Ramy

    Thank you!!
    The setup took 2 minutes and worked perfectly.
    I was literally going crazy trying to figure it out on my own for 2 hours!
    Thanks a million.

  • Wally

    I followed the NEW steps to set up Entourage to be able to receive/send emails from my hotmail. I am able to receive emails, but unable to send any. I keep receiving the following message:
    HTTP error. Access to the resource is forbidden.
    Please help me.

  • Check the reply to Stu Boyd that had the same error. He didn’t report back to his solution, but others on the newsgroup with this error were behind a server and a connection was not allowed.
    Did you try port 587 in Advanced Settings for SMTP?

  • Jenny Russell

    Great post… worked! Thanks!

  • mario Caron

    Just set up hotmail in Entourage 2008 for mac, everything works fine, had trouble with sending until i changed port on the smtp ( from 25 to 587).

  • Theresa

    Thank you so much for the Solution about checking the override port box and adding the 587 as the port. This helped me with my problem.
    I was dealing with this for 5 days.

  • Casey

    Hi Diane,
    I had to reinstall my OS and wipe everything clean. I have been working for 4 days to get my Entourage up and running and I still can’t get my Hotmail or my Gmail accounts to work.
    I have looked up the DNS number, added it correctly, enabled “POP” in my Gmail account, I have an interneet connection, etc. I am at my wit’s end.
    The error I keep getting is this:
    Entourage cannot find the server. Verify the server information is entered correctly in the Account Settings, and that your DNS settings in the Network pane of System Preferences are correct.
    Could not retrieve mail.
    Account name: “GMAIL”
    Error: -3176
    Please help me to get back on track!

  • Jay

    Thank you so much! You are a life saver!!

  • See the screenshot for settings. Setup Gmail as POP
    BTW, did you try bringing back your Main Identity from a backup?

  • Frank

    I just wanted to thank you for the this wonderful information.
    It worked like a charm with my system running 10.6 and Entourage 2008. Let us hope that when Entourage becomes Outlook with the new version of Office of the Mac (2010? 2011?) that we will not need to jump through as many hoops.
    Thank you again.

  • magracialot

    FYI …… the user id has to be your entire email address for it to work. even thought entourage suggests to just use the first part of it.
    thanks for the help!

  • andy

    Set it up fine. Just can’t get entourage to sync with hotmail e.g. messages read in my hotmail inbox are still marked as unread in entourage. Any ideas to get entourage to sync to the server??

  • Hotmail is now POP. POP does not have this function. You can switch to Gmail IMAP to get the same behavior you used to have with Hotmail. You can also have Gmail fetch your Hotmail emails. If you do this, set your Hotmail account in Entourage to not be included in Send & Receive All. You can still send with this address, but Gmail would receive and pass your emails through that account. They are labeled so you know which account received the mail.