Restore single item from backup

Suppose you lost all your contacts in a sync. You deleted a note but now find you need that note. If you have backups, how do you get that info into your current Identity and keep all your current data?

Entourage stores everything in the database file so it’s not a simple one step process to recover an individual item. If you need to restore a single item from a backup, follow these steps:

  1. You’ll need to move or rename
    your current Identity (named Main by default) so you don’t overwrite and loose your current Identity.
  2. Restore or add back the Identity that contains the info you are missing.
  3. Use Export as Entourage archive, or if it’s a single item drag it to the desktop.
    1. Select item to export. Use Category to further limit export.
  4. Switch back to your Main Identity.
  5. Import the Entourage archive (.rge) file or drag the item into Entourage.
  6. Delete the old Identity

Where is my Identity stored?

Microsoft Entourage installs the Microsoft User Data folder (MUD) in your User’s Document folder. Inside this folder is your Identity (named Main by default). All of your mail, contacts, etc are stored in the database file.
Each version of Entourage will create a folder named like this that contains your Identity.

  • Office 2008 Identities
  • Office 2004 Identities
  • Office X Identities

Tip: If you move your Identity folder, Entourage will not know where your mail is located and will open with a new default identity that will be blank. Simply move your Identity folder back being careful not to overwrite if you’ve used the new Identity and all your mail will be restored.
If you’ve used the new Identity, you will need to export the data from the new Identity to the old Identity. Delete the new Identity after you salvage the data. How to manually move your data.

How do I Switch Identities?

Under Entourage in the Menu bar, select “Switch Identity.” Select Identity in window.

Entourage’s Deleted Items folder

If a message is in the Deleted Items folder, you can simply move it back, but once it’s been deleted it’s gone! When you delete notes, tasks, events etc. they do not go to the trash. There is no way to recover unless there is a backup. Since it’s not recommended to use Time Machine on the hourly schedule to backup, anything deleted that was created after the backup is gone. You can use third party applications like SpellCatcherX’s Ghostwriter to capture everything you type. If you’ve used a copy/paste to create the data, CopyPaste Pro can save you as well. I’ve never used the Ghostwriter feature in SpellCatcherX, but CopyPaste Pro has saved me many times in Adobe GoLive when I’ve forgotten to save a page then GoLive crashed and I had to start a page over.

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