Messages can get stuck in the Outbox for different reasons, but most commonly it’s due to an attachment that’s too big. Entourage doesn’t have a limit but your ISP does.

Entourage 2008 is better about handling “send” when there is a problem message, but sometimes this can lock up Entourage until you remove the message.

Starting with Entourage 2004, you can start Entourage from default settings – i.e. with Send & Receive All schedule OFF . . .

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Using Automator and Entourage to back up the MUD folder

In this article, you will find out how you can configure your Mac to create a backup copy of the Microsoft User Data folder whenever you quit Entourage. While there have been some stability improvements with the latest version of Entourage (Entourage 2008), it is always a wise decision to back up the Entourage database. There are a couple of solutions on the Entourage Help Page, and this method is in fact only an automatised version of telling the Finder to copy the MUD folder to a different location. At the same time, the automation might appeal to some users who would otherwise forget to back up their files, so let us have a look at how this process can be set up. . . .

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Archiving your e-mails with EagleFiler

There are numerous applications out there designed to help you back up your Entourage data. I recently took a deeper look at one of them: EagleFiler by c-command . . .

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Backup individual items

How to backup Microsoft Entourage Mail, Contacts, Calendar Events, Notes and Tasks as individual items using different file formats. . . .

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Reveal the hidden fourth rule in Entourage: Linking

From the Microsoft Entourage newsgroup: A recent upgrade from Office 2004 to Office 2008 left an Entourage user without links from his messages to his contacts in his Address Book.

“Since upgrading to 2008, when I open a contact and click the link button, the program no longer goes out and automatically searches for all items involving that contact, as it did in 2004. Now, it only provides me the choice to . . .

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Use Growl with Entourage

Use Growl with Entourage to receive notifications. . . .

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Is corruption hiding in your database?

Be sure your Identity does not contain hidden corruption by testing with the Entourage Database Utility and exporting your data as Entourage archive and MBOX files. Includes help to successfully rebuild your Identity. . . .

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Restore single item from backup

Suppose you lost all your contacts in a sync. You deleted a note but now find you need that note. If you have backups, how do you get that info into your current Identity and keep all your current data?

Entourage stores everything in the database file so it’s not a simple one step process to recover an individual item. If you need to restore a single item from a backup, follow these steps:

You’ll . . .

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Backup Entourage

When losing your data is not an option, learn how to backup your Entourage data. . . .

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