Switch from Mail to Entourage

Are you using Apple Mail, but want to make the switch to Microsoft Entourage? Confused over the differences and how to get started? See Switch from Apple Mail to Entourage to answer your questions and get you started.

This article focuses on Mail 3 (part of Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard”) and Entourage 2008. Most statements made in this article are true for Mail 2 and Entourage 2004, but some newer features are only available in the latest versions of both applications.

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10 comments to Switch from Mail to Entourage

  • Charu Colorado

    I accidentally clicked “Make Entourage my default mail server. I want to cancel and go back to mail, my original mail server.
    How do i do that?
    I have a mac os x

  • Charu Colorado

    I want to return to Apple Mail. I dont want Entourage right now. I seem to have lost my Apple Mail access and cannot receive my mail or send it through that server. I want my Apple mail back again. My phone # is xxxxxxxxxxx

  • I have edited your comment. Posting your phone number for the public is not a good idea.
    To switch email clients, you simply quit Entourage and open Apple Mail and set up your account. If you are having trouble you would need to ask on an Apple Discussions forum.

  • You would select this in Apple Mail. You really should be asking all these questions on the Apple Discussions groups. If your question is about Entourage, we can help, but we don’t support Apple Mail.

  • Don Martin

    I am having major difficulty with my Entourage email program. Anyone out there who could provide some feedback? Thanks!

  • Michel Bintener

    Hi Don,
    I’m afraid you will have to be much more specific before other users can help you. If you are familiar with newsgroups, try microsoft.public.mac.office.entourage; if you prefer using a webforum (which is actually a mirror to the newsgroup), try this page. Be sure to indicate the version of Entourage and Mac OS X you are using, and be as specific as possible when describing your problem.

  • Very interesting article – Author Special Thanks

  • nemo abdullah

    I’m haveing trouble receiving mail with Entourage program, I have a Gmail acct can you help

  • Andy

    Suddenly I stopped receiving Entourage mail on my Mac and Blackberry. All other Internet connections are working fine. Yje mail is coming through to the server. Any ideas? Cpuld it be as simple as a setting that has been inadvertently changed?

  • Hi Andy, You haven’t provided enough info to even start with a suggestion. The type of problem you are describing would be best dealt with on the Entourage newsgroup or the YouTalk list. How to get individual help