Possible solution for messages showing up a .eml files

[Note: This problem was never fixed in Entourage 2008. Options to fix. Create a new Identity and let Entourage 2008 connect back to your Exchange account. DO NOT REBUILD! This can make it worse and problems can sync back to server. or 2) Upgrade to Outlook for Mac 2011 to resolve this issue.]

Back in October, I posted Emails and Events Appear as a Folder With Subject.eml. We continue to get reports of users experiencing this problem.Today, Peter Marston posted a solution on the Entourage newsgroup that has worked for him. This has not been tested, but since it’s such an easy option to try, i’m posting it here. Please let me know if it works for you.

While I can’t pretend to claim that this solves problem of objects (emails,
events and contacts) appearing as .eml folders, ever since I changed my Junk
Email Protection from “Exclusive” to “High” the problem has stopped.

I also want to pass along another comment Peter made:

As an aside, I was contacted by a Microsoft developer directly and he was
pleasant and eager to solve the problem. We beat them up a lot so I wanted
to pass on the kudos.

Happy Holidays!

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