Get Office 2008 with Exchange support for $149.00

Exchange users may want to take today’s Black Friday opportunity to purchase Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition. Sheridan Jones announced yesterday on Mac Mojo that they and retailers are selling their premium Office suite for the same price as their Home & Student Edition, which doesn’t include Exchange support.

[this offer has expired]

The differences between Microsoft’s three Office for Mac suites are subtle but the primary pain point for many educational users has been that Exchange support was removed from Microsoft’s low-end version of the product for Office 2008. Students who were expecting the same support from Office 2004 for Student and Teacher Edition to carry over to Office 2008 for Mac Home and Student were disappointed and upset to learn support was dropped from the most affordable version.

Educational users who held on to Office 2004 for its Exchange support have one more opportunity to upgrade for the same price they would have paid for Office 2008 without Exchange support.

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1 comment to Get Office 2008 with Exchange support for $149.00

  • Chris Ryan

    Looks like Canadian users have been forgotten again. The “special price” for today is $324, double–yes, DOUBLE–the U.S. price.
    Yet another reason to stick with iWork.