Troubleshooting Crashes and Connection Errors

When you are experiencing problems with Entourage, you want immediate answers. You can ask on one of the support forums like the newsgroup, but you might have to wait to get an answer. I suggest starting with a search on the Entourage Help Page.

[public newsgroups have been closed. Ask on the Microsoft Product Forums]

If you want a quick answer. These pages, in particular, are good starting points:

This connection error was added today.

PROBLEM: Entourage crashes when trying to send email with no network connection present. Any future attempts to send fails.

REPORT: Do you part to help find a solution. Send crash log to Microsoft via MERP (Microsoft Error Report Protocol). This is important to help Microsoft locate and fix the problem.

Many users express concern that their reports are being ignored because they get no response. The developers rely on these reports to fix the problem, but are unable to reply directly to each user.

Open System Preferences (under the Apple Menu)
Select Network:

Select Edit Locations:

Create a new location the same as the old one. Delete the old location.

Once a new location is created the problem disappears.

For help with other connection errors see this page.

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2 comments to Troubleshooting Crashes and Connection Errors

  • Judy McVey

    I cannot retrieve emails, nor send them.

  • Diane Ross

    1. If you can receive but not send then you have a bad SMTP configuration
    2. If you can send but not receive you have a bad POP or IMAP configuration
    You can try re-entering info.
    You can delete account and create a new one.
    Using copy/paste can result in an extra space being added. Type carefully.
    Check your Keychain for corruption.