Office 2008 and Mac OS X Spaces

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When you use Office 2008 for Mac with Mac OS X Spaces, the Office 2008 applications might not behave as expected. This is caused by the architectural implementation of Spaces in Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard). Apple is aware of this issue.

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We recommend that you not use Office 2008 with Spaces until the current issues are solved.

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8 comments to Office 2008 and Mac OS X Spaces

  • Jalayne Keyes

    Don’t have this issue but so glad to see a blog for Entourage. I’ve been a long time Entourage user and love it although I’ve had my share of challenges along the way. Hope this site gathers some good info!

  • Diane Ross

    Thanks for your kind words.

  • Chris Ryan

    I have a difficult time believing that this is a bug in Spaces, as Office apps (excluding Entourage) are the only ones I’ve ever seen that have this issue, and I’ve run hundreds of apps, new and old, Carbon and Cocoa. The real issue seems to be Microsoft’s unwillingness to properly test the apps before release. Even if it was Apple’s “fault,” software shouldn’t be released if it has major incompatibilities with the operating system. I’m sure there is some programmatic workaround.
    It’s just one more thing pushing me away from Office to alternatives like iWork (which is a breath of fresh air, by the way). Spaces oncompatibility is just one in a long list of incompatibilities, including non-Mac behaviours in text editing, toolbars, and on and on. I honestly can’t see what the Mac Office team was doing for four years.

  • Can you elaborate a bit further on what is Apple aware of? Because if it’s that Office doesn’t work with Spaces, they know since the day Microsoft released it, and has gone unfixed through several service packs. However, as Chris says, I also run several applications, and not once have I seen the behavior that Office exhibits – which in some cases makes it totally unusable. There were some apps that needed to adjust after Leopard was released, but we’re talking a couple of weeks to a month for an update…

  • Diane Ross

    Only Microsoft could elaborate on this. We just posted the announcement.

  • Thanks Diane, we appreciate your position in all this, but seeing one more service pack, and this problem unsolved, makes me want to switch to iWork.
    Alas, I also keep seeing the SSL errors, and find no way to turn them off or get rid of them, so for me that problem goes unfixed. Actually, they are worse, as I see SSL errors on an Exchange domain that used to work without showing any…(sorry for going off-topic but I needed to vent a bit!).

  • Diane Ross

    We all need to vent sometimes. I do know that Microsoft is aware of all the issues that need work. Is this the SSL error that is the problem?

    Unable to establish a secure connection to because the server name of IP address does not match the name or IP address on the server’s certificate. If you continue, the information you view and send will be encrypted, but will not be secure.

  • Doc. Caliban

    I agree that this is a Microsoft issue. Office is the only collection of applications that jumps screens in Spaces.