MacBU releases Office 12.1.4 update, fixes meeting invite bug

At Noon CDT today Andy Ruff with the Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU) at Microsoft posted an entry on the Mac Mojo blog announcing an update that fixes a recent meeting invite bug in Entourage 2008. This release comes just two weeks and two days after the release of the Office 12.1.3 update, which introduced the bug and is the fastest update release for current and past Office products.

The update is currently available for download from Mactopia.

Andy says in his post that “it’s better to pair an apology with a solution” and says the update should restore meeting invites to work as expected. He goes on to explain that even with rigorous testing by their development staff “two cases slipped-through”.

As a result of this issue an alert has been built-in to Entourage to alert users with problems to their Drafts folders and Andy says they have learned to do additional testing in the areas where this bug occurred.

The Office 12.1.4 update requires the Office 12.1.0 and 12.1.3 updates be applied first.

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