Use AppleScript to read ActiveSync Sent Items in Entourage

[Download the Read ActiveSync Sent Items script]

Exchange users with new iPhones are re-discovering an old bug where messages sent through ActiveSync for mobile devices do not appear properly in both Entourage 2004 and Entourage 2008. The messages sometimes look like a mix of HTML, E-mail headers and what’s left of the original message or they look like an unintelligible jumble of letters and numbers. The recipient and the subject are also empty.

This problem was addressed in the knowledgebase article “The header information is not displayed in Entourage 2004 for an e-mail message that is sent by using Exchange ActiveSync”. However, the workaround mentioned in the article, which is to view the message in Outlook Web Access (OWA), does not work in either the full version that Internet Explorer for Windows users would see or the light version that Mac users would see.

What’s happening and how can you read these “corrupt” messages?

Who’s the culprit?

Exchange users assume this must be a bug in both Entourage 2004 and Entourage 2008 because they do not see this problem in Outlook for Windows. However, if they also try to view the files in OWA they will find the messages missing altogether.

What do Entourage and OWA have in common? They both connect to Exchange via WebDAV. So, this problem isn’t necessarily a bug in Entourage. In fact, it’s a bug in ActiveSync for Exchange. ActiveySync is the Microsoft technology that allows mobile devices such as Windows Mobile phones and the iPhone connect to Exchange. Furthermore, it’s specifically a bug in ActiveSync for Exchange Server 2003. Entourage users connecting to Exchange Server 2007 servers should not see this problem.

What causes the problem?

So, what is ActiveSync doing to mail messages as they pass through it and why doesn’t Outlook or any other E-mail client have this problem?

ActiveSync is munging the headers of the mail messages. Notice in the earlier screenshot that the mail message includes X-MimeOLE, Received, MIME-Version and other lines of information you normally wouldn’t see. These are the headers, or the envelope of your mail message. They are suppose to be in a specific format so that mail applications can translate them and make the message presentable.

But look at what ActiveSync is doing to the message you send. The headers are appearing in the body of the message, which is not normal:

If you look at the source, or the full message with headers and body combined, by selecting Source from the Message menu (select Source from the View menu in Entourage 2004), you’ll see it is identical to the body of the message except for two (sometimes more) additional headers at the top:

Technically, a mail message header is a sequence of non-empty lines at the beginning of the mail message. But if we are to believe that with this example message then the entire header would simply be the first two lines because they are followed by an empty line:



ActiveSync is appending these bogus headers and causing the real headers to fall into the body of the message. But why isn’t Outlook for Windows susceptible to this problem? Most likely it has simply been programmed to realize these two headers are bogus and to continue reading the rest of the headers properly.

Are the messages still readable?

Yes! We simply need to remove the bogus headers and then view the messages in their correct format. To say that these messages are “corrupt” is a misnomer. They are not irreparably damaged. They can be properly viewed with the help of AppleScript. I’ve written a script to do just that.

Download the script and follow the instructions to install it into the Entourage Script Menu Items folder in your Microsoft User Data folder. Once installed it will be immediately available in the Script menu in Entourage.
To use the script simply select the unreadable message in the message list, or open it, and then select the Read ActiveSync Sent Item script from the Script menu. If the script detects the message has the improper headers then it will open the message in a new window and it should be readable. So the example message above should now display as:

The new message is not really in Entourage but just a temporary file. If you wish to save it to your Desktop then you’ll have that option:

The new message file will be saved with the Subject as its name.

Due to limits with Entourage’s AppleScript capabilities, the message cannot be automatically saved back into Entourage. You can, however, drag and drop the message into the original folder and delete the old message. Sent date and time will be preserved so the message will properly sort within the message list. Only one message can be read and saved at a time.

[Note: The download file contains an Example.eml file, which I used for the examples in this post. I’ve included it for anyone interested in examining this problem in detail.

Special thanks to Jon Connell in the Microsoft Entourage newsgroup for his insight that this problem could possibly be solved with AppleScript!]

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60 comments to Use AppleScript to read ActiveSync Sent Items in Entourage

  • Jason Berk

    Would you be able to tweak the script that it will process multiple messages at once. I’d love to be able to batch a group of messages every month until Microsoft fixes this.

  • William M. Smith

    I hope to.
    The script started simple and then grew more complex as I threw in the ability to run it with the message open or closed, threw in error checking and threw in some cleanup routines in case something went wrong.
    I only got it posted just last night so I’ll take your feedback and feedback from others for the next tweaks that folks need.

  • Calbhac O'Carroll

    Great! The end of my frustration. Batch conversion would be a nice addition.
    Thank you!

  • RageGuy

    The workaround in the KB article does work, I can view the messages fine (in Sent Items folder, which were sent thru my EAS based device) without any issue in Outlook and Outlook Web Access using any browser on any platform.

  • John Banks

    Excellent, thank you William!

  • William M. Smith

    For me, my iPhone sent messages do not appear at all in Entourage nor Outlook Web Access (OWA).
    Let’s talk in a few weeks, RageGuy, and I’ll try to show you my examples. 😉

  • Michael Antolovich

    I’ve noticed that once the emails are converted and everything re-synced, that the converted messages now have the conversion date and time (actually only when viewed on my iPhone. Entourage and Outlook do the right thing). It isn’t tragic, just a little weird…and possibly only seen on my setup…

  • Hey William, thanks for the script! This was getting frustrating for me since I’m the only iPhone user in my office and was trying to vet the phone for full network integration.

  • dazza

    Thanks william, worked for me… will be a big help for others in my organisation. Thanks again.

  • I would say this is a bug in exchange for not stripping the headers correctly in the protocol before presenting it to users via webdav
    is it not possible to make a filter on exchange to correct this ?
    John Jones

  • hafstang33

    I’ve experienced this exact problem with messages sent from my iPhone 3G and viewed in Entourage 2004. Thanks for the script which I will try. I’m also wondering if another issue I am having is related. This morning I launched Entourage and got an error message that my database was corrupted and needed verifying. It then asked me if I wanted to rebuild it, which I did. At the end of the process, numerous old e-mails appeared in my outbox and got sent to several recipients confusing them and prompting them to write to me asking what was going on? i never had this problem prior to buying the iPhone a couple weeks ago. Comments welcome.

  • Peder

    My sent emails show uo fine in OWA but comes out corrupt in Entourage 2004 and 2008. Doesn’t that imply that the bug is in Entourage?

  • William M. Smith

    According to one MacBU developer, the workaround in the Microsoft KB article, which is to read the messages in OWA, does work. However, I’ve seen in two different Exchange Server 2003 systems where the messages simply don’t appear in OWA. I’ll be visiting MacBU in a little more than a week and hope to discuss this with him more. I’m hoping he can explain why this sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.
    However, for reasons I’ve already explained in this post, the problem is not a bug with Entourage. The problem is with munged headers. Entourage has not been programmed to interpret these munged headers as I suspect Outlook has been.

  • Norb

    has anyone seen a fix for this yet?
    this is a exchange 2003 problem. i read somewhere where they say in the exchange 2007 this is fixed

  • brandon

    Nice work. Thank you very much for this. As some others mentioned, a method to batch process these messages would be fantastic.

  • Michael Wilmar

    Thanks so much for this script. But just one further comment: why doesn’t MS fix this!!??

  • Dave

    Thanks for the background info on how the messages are mishandled. I was not able to get the script to work within entourage (2004) – it did not display the corrected message and when opting to save to the desktop, an error (…can’t make desktop type constant) occurs. The script runs fine in the script editor, correcting and displaying the selected message, but when opting to save to the desktop, it errs again. Same behavior on two different machines (10.4.11, ent2004; must be something simple). Was able to edit the messages ‘by hand’, though, after seeing what was causing all the trouble.

  • Michael Wilmar

    This script is no longer working well for me. Worked fine at first, but now takes forever to execute. Entourage also becomes very sluggish in the meantime.
    I did try to add a key shortcut through Quickeys so that I didn’t have to use the mouse to press the No button on the Save to Desktop screen. Maybe that did it, but getting rid of the shortcut didn’t help with performance.
    Any ideas?

  • William M. Smith

    Hi Michael!
    I have no idea why the script would be getting slower. It simply reads what you’ve selected and acts only on that information.
    You can also open the script in the Script Editor found in /Applications/AppleScript and run it directly from there. Saving it again may help.
    Hope this helps!

  • Karl Bundy

    In case anyone is interested, I have modified this script to be able to be run with many selected items. If the email does not need to be fixed, it is skipped, otherwise it is processed using the logic from William Smith’s original AppleScript. After the first message is processed, it prompts you if you would like the entire batch of email messages to be saved to the desktop or not, similar to how the original version did for a single email. I am a bit of a hack with AppleScript, so I apologize in advance for the clumsiness of the code! Here is the URL:

  • William M. Smith

    Very welcome changes indeed, Karl! A lot of folks have been asking for this capability.
    Thanks for your work! I’m sure folks will be appreciative. 🙂

  • Gijs

    Inspired by William’s research I wrote an Applescript that works better for me. You can run the script in any way you please but putting it in the Entourage script menu is convenient. The script makes a new ‘readable’ outgoing message for every ‘iPhone originated’ outgoing message, while deleting the latter.
    It works fine for me. But use it at your own risk:
    tell application “Microsoft Entourage”
    set theExchangeAccount to item 1 of every Exchange account
    set theSendbox to sent items folder of theExchangeAccount
    set theMessages to every message in theSendbox
    repeat with theMessage in theMessages
    set theSource to source of contents of theMessage
    if theSource begins with “MAIL FROM:

  • Hi,
    Pasting the script as text in the previous forum message wasn’t such a good idea after all, as some characters got lost. I did some more work on the script, removed a bug that prevents the script from running on non-Dutch version of Entourage, and uploaded it to
    You can find MakeSentFromiPhoneReadable 1.0 at
    Hope it works for you too!

  • benny

    Hey Gijs,
    thanx for your investigation in this issue. I tried to use your script, copying the file in the “msuserdata” folder, but when executing the script nothing happens?
    I user the german version – does this ma any difference?
    Thanx in advance

  • Miles Flint

    I’ve downloaded the script and it works fine on my Mac. However I also use Outlook on a Windows pc (same server) and in the Outlook Sent items folder the item shows up with the date (i.e. today) that it was re-imported into Entourage when the mail item was actually sent six months ago and shows the six months ago date in Entourage
    Any advice. Many thanks.

  • @Mike Flint
    Probably like Entourage, Outlook can display two dates: Sent and Received.
    The Sent date is part of the original message and is timestamped by the Sender. The Received date is the message creation date timestamped by your own E-mail program.
    Make sure you’re viewing by Sent and not Received.

  • Kevin Walsh

    So where do we complain about this. This is nuts to have this broken this long.

  • @ Kevin Walsh
    Because the problem lies with Exchange and it is primarily an enterprise product, the first place you should consider is your company’s Microsoft representative if you have one.
    I doubt seriously this will get fixed, however, since it was resolved in Exchange Server 2007. Exchange Server 2003 is now in maintenance mode. It’ll get patched for security issues but I’d imagine little else.

  • Thomas

    I noticed a few things while I tried to use the script provided by Gijs:
    1. the initial dialog causes an error (on German Entourage 08). Removed it and it works.
    2. the scripts looks for “iPod mail” in text. Needs to be updated to “iPhone mail” to work.
    3. “iPhone mail” header was introduced by a newer iPhone firmware. Older mails do not have it
    4. script searches for “Received: from” which is wrong for older mails (older firmware). Here you will find two blanks between “:” and “from”!
    Otherwise I was able to “recover” all mails 😉
    Hope this helps!

  • Ashok Aiyar

    Here is my version of this script. This script sequentially does the following:
    a) Read each item that is received in my Sent Mail folder,
    b) Remove the erroneous headers,
    c) Copy the rest of the message to a new file placed in the Sent Mail folder, and
    d) Delete the original message
    Usage instructions are at the end of the script.

    How to install –
    a) Copy this file (FixActiveSyncSentItems.scpt) to
    ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Script Menu Items
    b) Create a rule in Entourage – called FixBlackBerrySentItems with the following criteria
    Folder is “Sent Items”
    Message body contains “X-rim-org-msg-ref-id:”
    Run AppleScript “FixBlackBerrySentItems”
    Note: This script searches for a BlackBerry specific header that is stuck in what appears to be the message body. If you use an iPhone, just replace this header with an equivalent iPhone header.
    Hope this help!

  • Ujwal Setlur

    So, the scripts posted here work, but unfortunately they run very slowly on large messages when message sizes get larger than 50k or so. I guess it is a performance issue reading lines in Applescript. Anyway, I reworked the script where the heavy lifting is done by sed since all we need to do is strip off the offensive headers until the real headers start. The modified script runs orders of magnitude faster. Here it is:
    tell application “Microsoft Entourage”
    set theProcessedItemsCounter to 0
    set theFaildItemsCounter to 0
    set theExchangeAccount to item 1 of every Exchange account
    set theSentbox to sent items folder of theExchangeAccount
    set theSentMessages to current messages
    set tmpfolderpath to (path to temporary items folder from user domain) as Unicode text
    repeat with theMessage in theSentMessages
    set theSource to source of theMessage
    set theheader to headers of theMessage
    if theheader contains “Subject” then
    –return — do not continue if this is a properly formatted message
    set sourceMacPath to (tmpfolderpath & “entourage-message-” & theProcessedItemsCounter)
    set sourcePosixPath to POSIX path of sourceMacPath
    set fd to open for access sourceMacPath with write permission
    set eof of fd to 0
    write theSource to fd
    close access fd
    — translate mac to unix line endings
    set targetPosixPath to (sourcePosixPath & “.unix”)
    do shell script “tr ‘\\r’ ‘\\n’ ” & targetPosixPath
    — get rid of the malformed headers
    set fixedMessagePath to (sourcePosixPath & “.fixed”)
    do shell script “sed -e ‘1,/^$/d’ ” & targetPosixPath & ” > ” & fixedMessagePath
    — read in the corrected message
    tell application “Finder”
    set fd to POSIX file fixedMessagePath as alias
    set newSource to (read fd)
    end tell
    set theEntourageMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {source:newSource}
    move theEntourageMessage to theSentbox
    set properties of theEntourageMessage to {color:{0, 0, 0}, priority:normal, read status:read, delivery status:sent, replied to:false, redirected:false, forwarded:false, connection action:keep on server, flagged:false}
    — clean up
    do shell script “rm ” & sourcePosixPath
    do shell script “rm ” & targetPosixPath
    do shell script “rm ” & fixedMessagePath
    delete theMessage
    set theProcessedItemsCounter to theProcessedItemsCounter + 1
    on error
    set theFaildItemsCounter to theFaildItemsCounter + 1
    end try
    end if
    end repeat
    — give feedback
    set theText to “Microsoft Entourage:” & return & return & theProcessedItemsCounter & ” iPhone messages have been made readable” as text
    if the theFaildItemsCounter > 0 then
    set theText to theText & return & theFaildItemsCounter & ” messages failed to process” as text
    end if
    display dialog theText buttons {“OK”} default button “OK”
    end tell

  • Ujwal Setlur

    I have uploaded my version of the script to
    Basically, it “borrows” from the other scripts posted here, and dramatically improves performance by using “tr” and “sed” to do the actual message fixing.
    Thanks to everyone for the discussion here. This thing was driving me crazy.

  • Mshah

    The last posted script works great! The previous scripts would not work on all my messages, it looks as though they were looking for a specific start of message, and my iphone doesn’t always have that start.

  • Jason Boehle

    This is ridiculous. There is no reason a fix for Entourage hasn’t been issued to address this. Just another drop in the bucket of “why I hate Entourage” issues.

  • Mark Norris

    I am new to applescript…how do I get Ujwal Setlur’s script above installed and working within Entourage? I was able to copy the script into a new script and save it to the ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Script Menu Items folder. Then I added a rule like in one of the above examples, but I get zero results when I run the rule.
    Help, step by step instructions would be great. I have iPhone, not Blackberry.

  • Jeff Tarver

    I set up a rule with the script from Ujwal Setlur by:
    Specific Header-MAIL FROM:-Contains-
    Run AppleScript-Script-Fix iPhone Sent Mail.scpt (or whatever you named the script)
    That did the trick for me – it is now automatic. I hope this helps the thread. Jeff

  • Roger

    The fix iphone sent mail script from Ujwal Setlur works perfect. Thanks a lot!!!

  • mcstever

    Thanks guys
    Ujwal’s script is great and the notion of using the rule makes it better. Great collaborative effort!!

  • TXJohn

    Thanks Guys!!

  • Terry

    Thank you! Ujwal’s script works perfectly for me.
    I had a little trouble understanding and implementing Jeff’s rule because I understood it to mean leaving the contains field blank, which Entourage won’t let me do. But I saw a similar rule on another blog ( that was a bit clearer:
    Specific Header > Subject > Does not exist
    Does the same thing – I just stupidly hadn’t realised there was a ‘does not exist’ from the dropdown!
    Thanks for all your hard work 🙂

  • N. Rey

    Oh my god! I’ve been searching for a way to fix or at least explain it. I’ve posted on other forums, asked others for help. Nothing.
    Sorry for the all caps, but just trying to express my enormous gratitude for the collaboration effort.

  • JonaBierig

    Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

  • David Josephs

    This is amazing that so much effort needs to go into such a simple thing. Here is another workaround: Get Snow Leopard when it comes out and use the native Mail app that is supposed to include Exchange support built it! I am willing to bet that there won’t be a viewing issue for iphone sent messages! Dave

  • mark

    I used Ashok’s script as posted here and it worked perfectly as described.
    To install:
    Open Script Editor (search your computer for this built in application), and copy and paste the AppleScript he wrote above
    (everything between the lines that say —- cut here —- ) into a new file.
    Save that file as FixActiveSyncSentItems in ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Script Menu Items
    If you want to automate, then create a rule in Entourage with the following criteria …
    Folder is “Sent Items”
    Message body contains “X-rim-org-msg-ref-id:” (works for BlackBerry)
    Run AppleScript “FixActiveSyncSentItems”

  • John Dickison

    There’s a thread on this issue here:
    with some alternative workarounds. The ‘bcc yourself’ workaround is reliable, but the ‘move sent items via iphone to another folder’ solution only seems to work for some people.

  • Lionel Carter

    Firstly thanks to all who put in the time to resolve these pesky issues. I used the FixActiveSyncSentItems script on my Macbook Air in Entourage 2008, and it works a treat. Unfortunately I also tried it on my brand new iMAC once again Entourage 2008 and it doesn’t work. Both running Snow Leopard. The only difference being that the iMAC was created off of a Time Machine Backup of the Air, can’t seem to work out what the problem is. I don’t get a message when I run the script, it just doesn’t do anything.

  • The easiest way to troubleshoot this is to open the script in the AppleScript Editor found in /Applications/Utilities and click the Run button. Watch the display of events at the bottom of the window for clues about what’s happening.

  • Johan Timmermans

    Briljant, it works!
    Another fine example how co-creation leads to a solution for a problem. Thank you all. Chapeau.
    Here’s what I’ve done, so that other iPhone users do not have to go through bits and pieces of this thread:
    I’ve downloaded Ujwal Setlur’s script from:
    And installed it in:
    ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Script Menu Items
    Then I created a rule in Entourage for my Exchange Server – on the tab Mail (Exchange) – . I named it Fix_iPhoneSentItems
    with the following criteria:
    Folder is “Sent Items”
    Specific Header > Subject > Does not exist
    Run AppleScript “Fix_iPhoneSentItems”
    Saved it and with a right click on the Sent Items folder I applied the rule.
    Again, many thanks.

  • Hi,
    I’ve been using this and it has been working wonderfully, but for some reason today it has started experiencing difficulties.
    I select the email item in Entourage, I run the script, and where yesterday it was placing the “clean email message” as a file on my desktop, today the file appears on the desktop for a moment and then disappears never to be found. Please help.

  • Hi Lyn-Anne!
    A basic given in troubleshooting is that when something works for a while and then suddenly stops, something else is happening. If you haven’t changed the script recently then the script is still working. You have something else on your system, which none of us can see, causing this new behavior.
    A few things to check:
    Have you recently updated Office? Recently updated from Leopard to Snow Leopard? Installed any cleanup utilities like Hazel? Do you see anything moved to your Trash?

  • Gerald Erdmann

    Ujwal Setlur’s script doesn’t work in my german installation with Entourage 2008. I’ve got a lots of AppleScript errors:
    open for access “Naxos:Users:gerald:Library:Caches:TemporaryItems:entourage-message-0” with write permission
    –> error number -10004
    end tell
    tell current application
    open for access “Naxos:Users:gerald:Library:Caches:TemporaryItems:entourage-message-0” with write permission
    –> 91
    end tell
    tell application “Microsoft Entourage”
    set eof 91 to 0
    –> error number -10004
    end tell

    -10004 means privilege problems but the folder has write permissions. Currently the scripts deletes all broken messages. Any Idea whats went wrong?

  • Hi Gerald!
    Are you using one of the scripts posted in the comments here? I purposely wrote the original script to not delete anything from Entourage. You have not said which script you are using.
    If the author of the script you are using has included his E-mail address in his comment, then please contact him. If you are indeed using the original “Read ActiveSync Sent Item 1.1.scpt” script then please let me know. Be sure to include your version of Mac OS X as well. This was written a little more than a year ago before Snow Leopard was released.

  • mwilmar

    I think there may be one problem with Ujwal Setlur’s script, which I have otherwise used successfully. When an iPhone email has been unscrambled and the Sent folder and then deleted, it shows up in my Deleted folder missing the same information as before. And if I try to run the script there, it corrupts my Entourage database, forcing (several) rebuilds.
    Dragging these emails to other folders doesn’t seem to create this problem.
    BTW, try to replicate this at your peril!

  • joe

    i tried Johan Timmermans script and it worked great, thanks! Does anyone know how to automate the application of this script?

  • avner

    thanks to Ujwal, Johan & all the other contributions!

  • John Lane

    Hi. I have been using the fixsent script. It now no longer works. I have removed and re-saved. I get an error message that says “N Messages have failed to process.
    I know I am not giving a lot of info here, but I am stuck. Here’s what I can tell you:
    * The script used to work perfectly on my Entourage 2008 (via Exchange 2003)but recently stopped working.
    * Replacing with a newly downloaded script does not solve, so it is not a script issue
    *I have not upgraded to Snow Leopard, and no other changes to OS or Entourage.
    * I did rename my Exchange account, but the script dos not seem to reference the actual exchange account by name, so that seems like a dead end
    Any thought / tips appreciated.

  • Sarika Patel

    Thank you! Tried Ujwal’s script and it works perfectly

  • I have followed your instructions and must thank you all as I have literally no idea how this works but it has totally fixed the problem!

  • Levi

    Hi all,
    I just opened a support case with Microsoft and both the Entourage and the Exchange team told me they have no intention of fixing this issue.
    So, I am using Ujwal’s script as a watchdog for new broken messages to arrive in conjunction with an Entourage rule.
    I also modified William’s script for batch conversion so it works with multiple selected messages and also preserves the original message’s sent timestamp. When run from the Script menu, it will place the corrected messages in a folder on the Desktop. Then you can drag them back into the Sent Items folder on Entourage.
    I have both scripts hosted here:

  • JamesR

    Thanks to all the fine script writers and editors, and thanks to Johan Timmermans for putting the instructions in plain english for me to follow.